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Tapware’s timeless pioneer: VOLA

Tapware’s timeless pioneer: VOLA

For over half a century, VOLA’s timeless, durable tapware has inspired and elevated the delivery of the purest element of all – water.

With products made only in Horsens, Denmark, VOLA prides itself on its design heritage and exceptional craftsmanship. This highly-respected Danish tapware brand has epitomised the enduring power of craft, style, product longevity and honest materials for five decades, with iconic designs that have remained desirable over multiple generations.

In 1968, VOLA released the original modern-day tap, with a simple and concise design that was the first of its kind, and an original concept that is renowned around the world today. It all started back in 1961, when VOLA’s founder Verner Overgaard showed his proposal for a modular wall-mounted mixer tap that concealed its unsightly mechanical parts to celebrated architect Arne Jacobsen.

Designed to last

Overgaard’s concept spoke to Jacobsen’s functionalist vision of good design, and together they created the first VOLA taps in 1968 for the National Bank of Denmark. Soon after the Danish brand’s iconic HV1 tap and 111 mixer were put into production for the general public and became a resounding success.

Proving to be innovative since its early days, VOLA continues to explore materiality and finish variations, while remaining true to their original silhouette. Ignoring passing fads, VOLA’s designs explore pure forms and geometry through circles, cylinders and lines, while ensuring each design element benefits and complements the user’s need for functionality and efficiency.

VOLA’s designs are still wildly popular and used to this day – a testament to the brand’s approach to product longevity and design as a response to improving and elevating everyday rituals. They are available in a range of modern finishes, including several metallic tones, with a modular design system that is customisable for any individual’s needs.

Made to last

VOLA’s unwavering commitment to quality is another reason why the brand continues to be the discerning choice for architects around the world. VOLA utilises the purest steel and brass to manufacture each product, combining Scandinavian craftsmanship with the latest technology to deliver perfect quality products. The unique artistry behind each piece is reflected in their timeless finish, which takes craftsmanship and detailing to another level.

The premium quality of VOLA products extends to their internal parts. Even the oldest of their products can be repaired and replaced, allowing multiple generations in a home to enjoy and appreciate the craftmanship behind each piece. In addition, the continuity of each product and the interactive nature of their parts, allows for multiple possibilities for configuration across multiple uses, ensuring their relevance for many years to come.

Product longevity at the forefront

VOLA’s desire to protect the natural environment stems from a deep Danish affinity with nature and comprehending the role that water plays in life. The company sources raw, honest materials from approved suppliers and maintains control of every aspect of manufacturing, including high levels of recycling paired with low levels of energy use.

The metals used in VOLA products are highly recyclable, allowing the brand to recover and repurpose 100% of their waste and ensure end-of-life products can be recycled and re-used. This approach minimises landfill waste and reduces the need to extract additional raw materials from the earth.

Understanding the connection between water and how people experience it is at the core of VOLA’s mission. Creating pieces that elevate everyday interactions reduces the need to replace and update them over time. Add beautiful visuals, high quality parts and the ability to be used over and over again, and you have tapware that can truly be called a ‘timeless classic’.