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What makes Geberit different?

Geberit are large and long standing company. They are the European market leader in sanitary technology and have a strong global presence. So what makes them different? What’s the secret behind this particularly successful brand?


Perhaps it is best to rewind, right back to the beginning when Caspar Melichior Gebert opened his plumbing company in 1874. It was here that the foundations as to what would make Geberit the success it is today were laid. Gebert was a true innovator, committed to quality and had a strong vision; it is this sense of integrity that has been carried through – keeping them leaders in their game and ever–expanding today.


Everything comes back to one primary goal for Geberit: to make a sustainable improvement in the quality of life by innovative sanitary solutions. With a particular focus on technology, the company place major emphasis on innovation, durability and sustainability in order to achieve that. It is not that these three things are particularly unique to a brand, but that Geberit is resolute in sticking to them that makes the difference.

From product design to company policy, Geberit stays focused on the goal at hand and ensures each step and facet is in line with those values. Rigorous in their commitment to innovation, the company has 500 technical advisors working the field in Europe alone; invest in nine technology areas including acoustics and hydraulics; and have 17 specialised production facilities worldwide. In the last five years alone, 103 new patents were registered.


In terms of sustainability, Geberit is equally paramount in their approach. They live up to their responsibilities, using modern vehicles that reduce emission, for example, continuously research ways to reduce environmental impact company wide, and get involved in social projects around the world.


Geberit know what they stand for and stick to their values without question. With that in mind, it’s not quite as surprising they’ve lasted so long and remained so strong – today continuing to lead in concealed cistern technology and drainage solutions and selling products in over 100 countries around the world. Precision, know-how and sheer joy in innovation characterise Geberit products and systems, successfully enhancing quality of life for generations.