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Where Art and Design Meet

Where Art and Design Meet

The worlds of art and design always work alongside one another, but for Mosaico+ there’s no need to separate.

The mosaic is an ancient art form with roots going back to third millennium BC Mesopotamia. A unique combination of art, fine craftsmanship and industrial design, mosaics are timeless examples of the beauty that arises from crossing over the worlds of art and design. Artistic mosaics find a place of their own in the Mosaico+ universe, offering the highest level of personalisation and prestige.

Mosaico+ explores all the expressive potential of the mosaic form, with the aid of an all-Italian production system that combines innovative techniques with an traditional culture and craftsmanship.


Juxtaposing chips, assembling fragments, selecting materials, expertly adapting shapes to specific spaces: these are the actions that make each Mosaico+ project unique and unrepeatable. An artistic mosaic can only be done by hand, but Mosaico+ has succeeded in integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern technology; adapting IT tools and advanced procedures typically used in industrial design to elaborate or develop requests made by clients during the planning phase.

A recent launch from Mosaico+, the Dialoghi collection, comes from a design search focused on the experience of the material. Experience as a tool for exploring the worlds of design, and material as a means of enhancing the essential elements of the mosaics. The texture layout and original chip designs of the Dialoghi range lets architects and designers create their own mosaics, expressing the legacy of the form while channeling contemporary luxury.

Mosaico+ makes all its design and manufacturing experiences available to customers to best assist them in the development of their projects, with a before and after-sales service comprising design and technical advice for the choice of the most suitable materials and sizes as well as technical assistance and supervision during installation.