Discover the Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range

The Zip HydroTap Range – sophisticated, luxurious, and now available in 8 new finishes.

We all drink water, so why not expect the best? The Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range melds the technological expertise of Zip with 8 on-trend colours, ready to fit any home—from traditional `to contemporary.

Now anyone enjoy irresistible instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water in premium finishes including rose gold, brushed rose gold, gold, brushed gold, platinum, gunmetal, brushed nickel and nickel.

With design innovative as it is elegant, the Australian-made Zip Platinum Design Range is distinguishable by its unique technology and convenient way of making water healthier and irresistible.

A smart and essential addition to the modern kitchen, the Zip HydroTap range combines patented PowerPulse™ boiling and Direct DryChilling with MicroPurity filtration technologies to offer instant irresistible boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water. If that weren’t enough, the Platinum Design Range also meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. With advanced energy efficiency and best in class cooling technology, the air-cooled ventilation system uses up to 53% less energy than previous models so our most precious commodity, water, is never wasted.

The unique technology included in the Platinum Range, also makes water healthier and more enjoyable. Zip’s MicroPurity filtration instantly produces crystal clear, pure tasting water free from odours and contamination.

By expertly removing sediment and volatile organic compounds like lead, the Zip range safeguards you and your family. It’s no wonder research suggests that 80% of residential Zip HydroTap owners drink more water than before. When water is this convenient and irresistible you’ll love drinking more of it – it’s the Zip Effect.

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