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The Five Best Trees to Create an Indoor Forest

The Five Best Trees to Create an Indoor Forest

Houseplants have been proven time and time again to have innumerable benefits when it comes to physical and mental welfare. Here are the best trees to keep indoors.

Keeping a tree indoors is an easier task than you might think, provided you have the right type of tree. Small trees which do not require huge pots or regular repotting are the ideal choice for an indoor environment, especially when there is not a lot of space. There are a great many benefits to keeping trees indoors, including the psychological as well as the practical effects.

Indoor trees have been a fascination of humanity for many years. They are a way to keep a connection with nature from inside the comfort of your house. House plants in general have seen a huge burst in popularity over the past decade, becoming some of the most common home features across the globe. While the stunning natural beauty of live trees, vines and ferns inside a home has immeasurable aesthetic value, there is also significant evidence to suggest that indoor plants promote physical heath with their air purification capabilities.

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

NASA’s “clean air study” found that certain types of house plants have filtering capabilities and can reduce the levels of harmful toxins found in the surrounding air. Many of these plants were vine species, but there were a few trees that made the list which would be the perfect practical addition to any home. Weeping figs and rubber figs were both found to reduce levels of formaldehyde trichloroethylene and benzene. Read more about air purifying plants here.

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

Another benefit to having indoor trees is their effect on mental and physical health. The practice of gardening and watching plants thrive under your care is extremely rewarding and has been proven to reduce stress levels. Taking care of plants can improve concentration, mood, productivity, and even inspire creativity. On top of this, plant care can reduce fatigue and has been linked to a feeling of “vacation while at home.” Above all: indoor plants prompt huge improvements in an individual’s mood, greatly benefiting their mental health.

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

How to find the best tree inside house

Choosing the right type of tree is an important first step to accessing these numerous benefits. The best way to discern what type of tree would suit your home is to make a note of your indoor layout and be mindful of your plant care habits.

This includes things like sunlight levels – particularly, whether there is direct sunlight coming from windows, spaces that are still brightly lit by indirect sunlight, or low light in dark corners. Try to be aware of your own commitments to plant care: Are you away often? Are you more likely to over or under water a plant? How much thought are you likely to put into taking care of your indoor tree?

Discerning the right type of tree for your household is a hugely individual process, but answering these questions should help you to understand the type of tree that will work best with your household flow. To help you narrow down the types of indoor trees available, here is an outline of the five most common indoor trees and their maintenance needs.

Indoor tree plants for sale Melbourne: Five of the best indoor trees Australia

5. Olive tree

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

Olive trees are a species of small tree native to the Mediterranean Basin. Olive also has a variation of shrub, known as ‘dwarf olive’ or ‘little olive.’ Olive trees have an attractive appearance with long, thin branches and lush dark leaves. They are very hardy trees and can prosper indoors for several years – provided they are properly cared for.

Olive trees have a few needs which will be difficult to meet if they are kept solely indoors. They require direct sunlight, so the best strategy for keeping an olive tree healthy is to leave it outside during the day for warmer months. They also need large drainage holes in their pot as they will not survive in slow-draining soil. During the winter, they will be much easier to care for and you can keep them inside for essentially the whole season.

4. Palm trees

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

Palm trees have over 2,600 species, with the vast majority originating in tropical or subtropical climates such as South America and Asia. Their iconic large leaves have thus become a symbol of tropical life, reminding those who look at them of luxury and vacation.

This makes them a popular choice indoors as they contribute an elegantly relaxed aesthetic. Most palm trees are easy to care for and will thrive in indirect sunlight (or occasionally even shaded areas).

3. Fruit trees

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions about fruit trees is that they cannot thrive indoors. In reality, dwarf variations of many fruit tree species can grow quite comfortably indoors – and may even produce fruit! The majority of fruit trees require direct sunlight for 6-8 hours a day, every day, in order to produce fruit.

This means that, like olive trees, you may want to take the tree outdoors during the daytime to ensure its health. Drainage pots are also important, but with the right setup, you could potentially have fresh figs, lemons, oranges, avocados, apricots or even bananas grown in the comfort of your own kitchen.

2. Christmas trees

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

Artificial Christmas trees are by far the most popular style in modern times. However, real trees indoors have a number of benefits which could make your family Christmas a tiny bit more magical.

For one, the scent of a natural pine tree is iconic and sure to imbue your home with Christmas cheer. They are also a more ethical option, reducing the carbon emissions of artificial tree production, and you also do not have to worry about storage throughout the rest of the year.

1. Bonsai trees

indoor trees ideas best plants inside keep healthy light low maintenance

Bonsai trees are a beautiful way to keep the beauty of a mature, full grown tree in your home without having to sacrifice any space. Bonsai trees are carefully grown and cared for in a way that keeps them small enough to fit into a container or pot, but allows them to grow the appearance of a full-sized tree.

They are fairly low maintenance, requiring only watering, infrequent pruning, and occasional fertilizing or repotting. Bonsai trees are incredibly beautiful and make for a lovely addition to any home.


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