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Double Loft Beds: why this childhood favourite is becoming more popula...

Double Loft Beds: why this childhood favourite is becoming more popular among adults

Double Loft Beds: why this childhood favourite is becoming more popular among adults

Loft beds have had a boom in popularity recently for adult homes and studio apartments.

Double loft beds are much like the single loft or bunk beds that you may have had growing up – only these ones are sized for adults. A loft bed is a bed on a suspended platform high enough for the floor space to be repurposed.

It is a very space-smart option as it essentially doubles the space of the room, allowing for a desk or a couch where previously there could have only been the one bed. In the past, loft beds have only been seen as an option for children – but recently, their convenience and aesthetic appeal have convinced more and more adults to make the switch.

When you think about it, it’s actually a little strange that children are the ones these beds were designed for. Not only does it make simple childhood activities like jumping on the bed more difficult, there is also the risk of them falling or otherwise injuring themselves.

For the responsible adult, this is a non-issue. Coupled with the practical appeal of space-smart furniture, it seems odd to think that loft beds are not the norm for adult households.

Separating your sleeping area from the rest of your home through height can even have scientific advantages.

Limiting the time you spend awake in bed has been proven to improve sleep, so if you spend most of the time relaxing in the couch underneath your bed and then climb the ladder/stairs just to sleep, your body will become conditioned to fall asleep much faster when your head hits the pillow.

It will help differentiate sleeping time from recreational time, and keeping two separate spaces in the one room is a great way to prep yourself for a mindset change when switching between them.

Another advantage to having a loft bed is that it allows for some creative styling and home renovation at an affordable price. With a loft bed, you essentially get to remodel your entire room without having to pay a contractor or change anything structurally.

This change can be as drastic as you like, and if you have the budget you may even want to consider installing a loft platform on which to put a bed (loft bedrooms, rather than the bed itself). Loft beds essentially give you a second room for a fraction of the price of an extension, and the many available styles ensure that you will be able to find the perfect bed for your room.

One of the few disadvantages to loft beds is that, depending on the style and where in the room it is positioned, it may be difficult to make. If the bed is tucked up against a corner, you will have limited mobility in reaching it to strip or replace the sheets.

This could become annoying – you will have to consider whether an added complication like this is worth the benefits of a loft bed, for yourself specifically. Another challenge, though minor, is that many loft beds are only styled for children and it can be hard to find a mature double loft bed available for purchase. Read on for a list of the top 5 nicest loft beds currently available for adults.

Double Loft Bed Australia: 5 Best Loft Double Beds

5. Pottery Barn: Sleep & Study Low Loft Bed

For those who want the pragmatic benefits of a loft bed, but aren’t keen on the extra difficulty of making the bed or climbing a ladder every morning, this Sleep & Study Low Loft Bed from Pottery Barn might be the way to go.

With a 3-draw dresser, pull out desk and built-in two shelf bookcase, the storage benefit to this bed is remarkable. It also has a beautiful uniformity to all of the furniture pieces which you have some control over; finish choices include brushed fog, brushed charcoal, simply white and weathered navy.

This bed’s overall dimensions are: 45.5″ wide x 80.5″ long x 47.5″ high. You can purchase it here for $3,199 – $3,299.

4. Bigamart: Celeste High Sleeper

Manufactured by Strictly Beds & Bunks, this double size loft bed is made with recyclable Scandinavian solid natural pine. There is plenty of room beneath the bed for a couch, small sitting area or even a home office setup with desk.

This is an excellent option for those wanting to reap the benefits of a loft bed as the natural wood finish gives it a maturity often missing from such styles. The neutrality of the wooden colour ensures that it will blend with any colour scheme, and it might even be a good purchase for teenagers looking to change their style without losing the benefits of a loft bed.

The dimensions of this bed are: W129cm L202cm H185cm. It can be purchased here for just $616.99.

3. Francis Lofts & Bunks: Queen and King

One of the biggest troubles with finding a high quality loft bed is that they rarely come in queen or king sizes. Francis Lofts & Bunks caters to all sizing needs, covering from a single loft bed all the way to a California King.

You can browse their range here, including the bed pictured above (available for $3,135) in multiple colours. Each bed is custom built to order, so you can have one tailored to the specific measurements of your area.

2. Ikea: Stora

Ikea has long reined over the double bed loft bed industry, having perfected affordably priced single loft beds at an affordable price such as the Svarta long before the rest of the furniture industry caught on.

This model comes in both black and white and is made from solid pine. Like all Ikea products, it has an easy assembly and is a relatively cheap option considering the standard pricing for high quality double loft beds is usually in the thousands.

Dimensions: W147cm L203cm H214cm. More information here.

1. AliExpress: Iron Work Elevated

This is, without a doubt, one of the best looking adult loft beds on the market. This bed has a sophistication that transforms a room, with a design so beautiful that it’s easy to forget this style has many functional benefits as well.

It comes in multiple colours, though the most breathtaking frame is surely the golden bronze. Complete with storage shelves, a subtle wardrobe space, and plenty of room underneath for a living room-style area, this bed is sure to become a spectacular feature of your room.

Dims come in two options: 150x200cm or 120x200cm and you can purchase it online here for approximately $3,906.


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