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How to future-proof your concrete floors

How to future-proof your concrete floors

Concrete sealer is one of the best ways to improve the longevity of residential and commercial concrete under duress.

Concrete sealers are a substance which prevents salts and water from being absorbed by the concrete. The sealant will achieve this one of two ways: the first by blocking the pores of the concrete, and the second by forming an impermeable layer through which salts and water cannot pass. The second type of concrete sealer is known as ‘film-forming’ and it is the most common for residential use. Film forming concrete sealers come in three different types: acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy.

Concrete sealers are extremely effective at protecting concrete in the long term. They help concrete surfaces to endure and resist weather exposure, water damage, grease and oil stains, abrasion, salts, cracking, chipping, expansion, and even just general wear and tear. They are an important part of concrete maintenance and concrete should be sealed every 2-5 years to protect it from such damage. On top of the practical benefits, concrete sealants also help to improve the aesthetic appeal of the concrete, often adding a glossy or matt finish that makes the flooring appear newly set.

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

How to seal concrete

Sealing concrete is an inexpensive and straightforward job, making it a popular choice for DIY projects. The sealers themselves are affordable and commonly available in most major hardware stores such as Bunnings. Before purchasing a concrete sealant for your home, you will need to consider the different types and how they best apply to your situation. The different types of concrete sealers are:

Film Forming

1. Epoxy

Epoxy concrete sealers are the most popular because they are extremely durable. Epoxy concrete sealer works well indoors, particularly in high traffic retail environments or undercover garages.

2. Acrylic

Acrylic sealers are somewhat softer than epoxy concrete sealers and they require a sacrificial floor wax. Acrylic concrete sealant is best suited to residential concrete floors, such as polished concrete kitchen floors, concrete benchtops, or basement floors.

3. Polyurethane

Polyurethane sealant is more robust and often used in industrial/construction settings to seal joints. This style of sealant is best suited in high traffic areas such as retail environments (due to its durability) or concrete countertops. It is also a popular driveway sealer.

Polyurethane concrete sealer is also known to enhance the aesthetic appeal of certain concrete types, such as coloured concrete or stamped concrete.


Penetrating sealers are best suited for outdoors and provide a natural finish that will not impact the overall appearance of the concrete. Penetrating sealers include silanes, siloxanes, and silicates which permeate into the concrete to form a chemical barrier by sealing the internal pores. Penetrating sealers are extremely durable, making them the popular choice for outdoor use as they can defend against weather like rain exposing concrete to high levels of water.   

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

Concrete sealing products near me: the best concrete sealer Australia

5. Deco Crete D-ONE

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

This 5-gallon spray-on sealer is non-yellowing, low sheen and low viscosity. It is a penetrating sealer made from siloxane modified methyl methacrylate to ensure maximum penetration. This is a robust and extremely durable product which will cope with high exposure to water. Well suited to cope with rain and overflow from salt water pool systems, this concrete sealant is also colour enhancing. It is also film forming and will cover 200-300 square feet per gallon (with each pail holding 5 gallons of sealant). You can purchase this product here from Deco Crete for $208.78.

4. Bunnings

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

Bunnings has an immense range of concrete sealers available here for an affordable price of $75.90. Their best rated concrete sealer is the Crommelin diamond coat paving and concrete sealer. This is a non slip water based solvent which will not have an altering affect on the appearance of the pavement or concrete. This product is extremely durable and will resist staining. It is breathable and suitable for poolside use. Outdoor use is best for this clear solvent, or in areas where a natural concrete aesthetic is preferred.

3. Crommelin 1L DiamondCoat Charcoal Tint

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

Another popular Crommelin product with excellent reviews, this DiamondCoat tint is a solvent based tinting agent which will stain and coat the concrete (or pavement) a darker colour. This product must be used in conjunction with Crommelin tintable sealer to work. The colour actually penetrates the surface of the concrete, unlike paint, promoting the durability of the colour due to the strength of adhesion. You can purchase the DiamondCoat Charcoal Tint in a 1L pail here from Bunnings for just $43.90.

2. Colour Masters Sealer

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

CCS Colour Master Sealer is a clear, film forming acrylic resin product. It is available in 12 colours, ready to be tinted with the CCS Colour Master Tint. When mixed with the tint, this product will form an opaque colour finish in either gloss or matt. Applied Concrete Solutions can also make additional colours specifically upon request. Browse the ACS catalogue here for more information on this high quality concrete sealer.

1. Dulux Avista

sealed concrete concrete sealer sealant buy online cheap DIY concrete protection

Dulux Avista general purpose concrete sealer is a clear solvent based substance which will provide extreme durability for all types of concrete surfaces. Dulux Avista concrete sealer is suitable for stamped, stencilled, coloured and resurfaced concrete as well as pavers. It will not interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the concrete and comes in multiple finishes (the most popular being semi gloss).

This product covers around 3-6 metres squared for every litre and has a very fast application time (2 hours for the recoat, 2 hours to protect against light rain, 24 to protect against foot traffic and 5 days to protect against vehicle traffic). It is best suited to exterior use and can be easily applied with a roller. You can purchase this highly commended product from Dulux here.  


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