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Sam Reynolds is an architect’s builder

Sam Reynolds is a renowned builder who works with some of Australia’s leading architects to create expertly crafted homes. Now, he has put his skill to use to create his own family dream home.

Getting To Know Studio Workshop

Studio Workshop is blurring the lines between design and construction by exploring materiality and experimenting with digital fabrication.

Skillion Roof Design In Australian Vernacular

Equally at home atop mid-century or modern houses, rurally or in the city, a skillion roof is a versatile, durable and high performing option for residential architecture with roots to an iconic Australian vernacular.

Formwerkz House

Houses are usually built quite quickly in Singapore, but an extended timeframe can be an advantage. Chu Lik Ren visits a home designed by Formwerkz Architects for an artist friend and his family, which allowed many details to develop organically throughout the process.

Langkawi House

The beauty of reclaimed and recycled timber is only partly aesthetic – the knowledge of its former function adds a whole other appeal. Jaz Sidhu visited the island of Langkawi in Malaysia and discovered a home designed by Building Bloc (who’s Desa House is featured in Habitus 18) that generates new life for old timber electricity poles.