singapore design

April 6, 2022

Light touches

This apartment designed by alittlepractice employs clever storage, flexible sliding panels and a coordinated palette, reflecting its owners desire for a calming home and fluid lifestyle.

March 28, 2022

Rudimentary forms

In this Singapore house designed by Designshop, an ethereal open form and a robust, reticent block reflect public and private spaces.

February 9, 2022

The comforts of a blank canvas

Thomas Jefferson said, “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” With this in mind, white is used to veil this residence as a metaphorical blank canvas.

January 12, 2022

Layers of beige

Behind this apartment’s pared-back interior is a well-curated home that prioritises thoughtful design details.

January 10, 2022

The secret life of trees

Liew Yu Hua is a Singaporean designer-maker who draws inspiration from the untold stories of nature to create furniture and objects mindfully.

December 28, 2021

Reviving a rare walk-up apartment with timeless design

Following a significant renovation, this 1960s walk-up on Moulmein Road, Singapore, is now an airy and elegant home, perfect for life in the present day.

December 6, 2021

A Minimalist Monochrome Muse

A palette of moody monochrome greys unifies this compact BTO flat, where walls have been stripped into a spacious home where all rooms merge as one.

November 8, 2021

A Moody Modern Apartment

Dramatic spatial reconfiguration meets the simplicity of modern luxury in this bachelor pad designed for relaxation and entertainment.

October 13, 2021

A Warm and Tactile Kitchen

Rather than being tucked away, this warm and cheery kitchen is the pride of the home and made for cooking, living and connecting.

August 11, 2021

Playful Pops Of Colour

With an open brief and the freedom to create, Insight.Out Studio serves up a home brimming with fun and relaxing vibes for an adventurous young couple.

July 7, 2021

An Apartment With No Walls Pushes Liveability

A multifunctional platform winds through this unconventional and light-filled home in Singapore, helping it to redefine the term ‘open-concept’.

June 9, 2021

An Inviting Home That Doubles As A Set Backdrop

When lifestyle influencer Joycelyn Thiang wants to snap a series of outfits, she can now choose to do so from one of the many appealing corners in her Singaporean flat.