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Meet the Next Generation of Bathing

From Phoenix Tapware comes NX Iko and Orli, the perfect showcase of the future of bathing, the advanced HydroSense technology.

Since 1989, Phoenix Tapware has been changing the way we relax, bathe and appreciate bathroom design. Their latest addition to the NX Shower range sees two new collections that take luxurious bathing to the next level. Building on their reputation for impeccable design and innovation, Phoenix has created Iko and Orli, both beautifully designed and driven by the finest engineering and technology.

What separates these two new collections is the revolutionary HydroSense technology. A unique shower spray technology, HydroSense delivers a spray that feels more relaxing and immersive to the skin.

The result of an extensive research and engineering development period, HydroSense ensures total coverage when bathing, thanks to curved sheets of water that disperse midfall into dense, cascading droplets, transforming the way water traditionally falls by re-imagining the internal structure and water flow design.

This cutting-edge technology, housed in beautiful designs to suit any home, accelerates water flow tenfold, resulting in more even coverage and improved performance in low-pressure environments.

“Inspired by nature, the water spray pattern has a similar shape to an insect wing,” says Dr Patrick Yao, Phoenix’s Head of Research and Development. “It’s the precise calculation of internal curvature and water flow that creates an ideal shower pattern.”

NX Iko

Slender and elegant, Iko is a stripped back showerhead design with a clean and light rounded profile. Driven by classical minimalist design principles, the design process saw the removal of all extraneous details until just the essentials remain. NX Iko has been paired with concealed hose connectors and wall fixings, resulting in a simple, harmonious presence ensuring Iko is both a focal point in any bathroom yet not ostentatious.

NX Iko can also mix and match within Phoenix’s existing range of tapware and accessories that feature the same round design elements. For example, the Toi, Nara or Vivid Slimline collections complement Iko perfectly.

“Iko’s mantra is all about being as minimal as possible,” says Ban Liu, Phoenix Design Leader. “The shower design has been paired back to its simplest, most refined form.”

NX Orli

With a soft square shower design, Orli features a unique rail design, akin to a ribbon, positioned as if floating against the wall. The handpiece has been designed in two separate pieces to give a streamlined appearance and an air of refinement.

The result is a slim, low-profile showerhead with a rectangular shape providing a sense of natural luxury. Partnered with the HydroSense technology, the bathing experience is a comforting, luxurious one like no other. The family resemblance to Iko continues in the Orli collection with a distinctive rib detailing atop the shower rose and can mix and match within Phoenix’s range of tapware and accessories that feature the same soft square design elements, such as the Teel, Alia or Gloss collections.

Complete with a lifetime warranty, both NX Iko and Orli products, which include twin, rail and hand showers, shower arm with rose and separate shower rose, are available now in both chrome and matte black, ensuring no matter your bathroom aesthetic, the next generation of bathing is ready for your home.

Phoenix Tapware

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