Custom Rug Collaboration: Poco Designs and Designer Rugs

The visual and sensory quality of a home can be directly linked to the relationship between the space and its materials, as well as its functionality. When the clients of the Holdsworth Project first approached boutique interior design company Poco Designs to redesign their Woollahra home, they had a simple yet straightforward brief: to reimagine the existing house in a way that adds energy and colour, to better interpret the clients’ personality through clever design and product choices – such as Designer Rugs – and to focus on creating a connection with the house and its beautiful surroundings.

With a Sydney-meets-Palm Springs concept fresh in the design team’s mind, the end result is a classic interior filled with life and colour. This juxtaposes with the sleek, modern exterior of the house, and reflects the Poco ethos of aesthetic appeal that remains true to balance, form and spatial awareness.

This design mantra is perhaps best showcased in the main living room. The two custom burnt-orange L-shaped sofas are a striking addition to the common area, with their sleek Lucite bases almost giving an illusion of the sofas being suspended in air. The architecture of the home is echoed via mid-century inspired furnishings, including the mirrored coffee table, but the piece de resistance is the gorgeous over-sized geometric rug by Designer Rugs. “In the most practical sense, a rug needs to provide warmth, comfort and a softness underfoot that creates a welcoming atmosphere,” explains Christine McDonald, Designer Rugs’ in-house designer.

The full service that Designer Rugs provided for the home demonstrates the company’s extensive capabilities. In addition to the statement custom rug in the living room, both the shimmering grey rug in the bedroom and the simple checkered rug in the study were placed wall-to-wall, posing as a luxurious alternative to carpet.

The rug, hand-tufted and made with 100% New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, uses a unique carving technique to create an incredible, almost three-dimensional curved effect. “The yellow sections of this design [in the living room] are made with 50 per cent bamboo silk and 50 per cent New Zealand wool to maintain durability but add sheen,” says Christine.

“I really believe that bigger rugs can create more of a statement and elevate a room to feel grander,” states Poppy.

New Zealand wool, a staple material for Designer Rugs across the residential and commercial project is a clean, long fibre. “This means that it wears well, keeps its shape with less breakage”, Christine says. “Wool also has a natural stain resistance in the form of a layer of lanolin, which helps prevent staining if spells are attended to quickly.”

The symmetry between form and function continues to the internal courtyard, thanks to a familiar colour palette and mirrored wall. This helps to make the living room and adjoining courtyard feel like one large space instead of two separate rooms – designed with restraint, yet still connected to each other.

Similarly, the luxe additions in the master suite, such as the watered silk wallpaper by Zoffany, and the wool rug by Designer Rugs adds a touch of old Hollywood charm to the sleeping zones. In this space, the custom rug adds a vibrant, colour-soaked aesthetic, and a welcome touch of personality.

Designer Rugs

Poco Designs

Photography by Anson Smart

Dissection Information
Custom hand-tufted rug with New Zealand Wool, Bamboo Silk and Tencel
Custom rug with ‘Alford’ design from the Mr Carpet Collection by Designer Rugs
Custom coffee table by Vela Living
Bart stool and chairs from 1st Dibs
Custom made upholster bed head by Anthony Kennedy
Tapware in Broadware by Candana

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