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Redefining Minimalism

Redefining Minimalism

Stark House by Park + Associates. Photo by Derek Swalwell

Add warmth and texture to your minimalistic abode to bring alive a décor aesthetic that spells contemporary, cosy and comfort.

There is no escaping the charm and magnetism of minimalism. The trend has walked in and out of our homes for decades, resurfacing ever so often in a different avatar. Think Japanese Wabi Sabi, Swedish Lagome and more lately in our homes and on television screens, courtesy Marie Kondo. Today, the trend is evolving, and our homes are embracing a version of minimalism that also feels cosy and modern. The minimalism trend in 2019 – that we’re seeing in a majority of our House of the Year entries as well – steers clear of the clinical white-on-white rooms with bare minimum pieces of furniture. Instead, warmth, comfort, texture and liveability are redefining spaces this year.

Huru House, New Zealand by Wiredog Architecture. Photo by Patrick Reynolds

# The Huru House by Wiredog Architecture in New Zealand is a reflection of the owners’ desire for a lightweight home. While wood dominates the interior scheme lending timelessness and texture, strategically placed rugs, carpets and throws infuse a sense of softness and pliability.

Huru House, New Zealand by Wiredog Architecture. Photo by Patrick Reynolds

# Restraint is the overarching theme in the Stark House by Park + Associates in Singapore. With an austere selection of materials coupled with a neat and fuss-free placement of products, the home is an exemplary showcase for the current decluttering craze. What stands out is how all the major rooms in the house are oriented towards the trees. Views are framed by frameless glass and billowing grey drapes while patterned monochromatic floor rugs succeed in complementing the Zen-like vibe of the indoors.

Stark House, Singapore by Park + Associates. Photo by Derek Swalwell

# In C House, Malaysia designed by DCA, rugs feature prominently to not only add warmth and comfort but also delineate spaces and create zones for specific activities. Case in point: The kid’s bedroom where rugs in different patterns have been used to create room for more. In the living area, a patterned carpet adds interest within a sedate and neutral décor theme.

C House, Malaysia by DCA. Photo by Creative Clicks

This 2019 spin on minimalism feels clean and contemporary but isn’t cold or austere. Think curved lines, textures, gentle hues, natural materials and soft furnishings. The trend is more about promoting things that we value and love and removing what distracts us from it. The look is all about functional design combined with enough aesthetic appeal to lend a comforting and welcoming vibe to your interiors.

A great way to emulate this style is through the introduction of texture and soft furnishings in your décor. Textures suggest movement and feel delightful to touch. It’s a quick and easy way to add instant luxury to any room. Here’s how:

Stark House, Singapore by Park + Associates. Photo by Derek Swalwell

Bring out the rug

Add tactility to your floor and transform how your room feels with a statement rug. These can work to divide open-plan spaces, create cosy nooks and lend oodles of decorative appeal to your areas. Don’t shy of using natural materials like jute or sisal rugs, as they can give a natural and coastal vibe to your indoors. Bonus texture points if you’re working with layering multiple rugs for larger areas.

Introduce patterns

Adding patterns will instantly lend a very textural feel to your private spaces. Start small; think printed cushions, patterned throws or printed rugs. By selecting fabrics in contrasting yet complimenting finishes, your home will automatically feel tactile and warm.

Arrowtown House, New Zealand by RTA Studio. Photo by Patrick Reynolds

Invest in curtains

Use flowing fabric to create a soft and welcoming look indoors. Sheers, for instance, can add warmth and texture and also provide diffused lighting in bright, sun-filled rooms. The sheer fabric will instantly lend romance to your home and when combined with thicker block out curtains, will give the right balance for those warm sunny afternoons when you’re seeking respite from the intense heat.

St Andrews Beach House, Victoria by Austin Maynard Architects. Photo by Derek Swalwell

For added depth and texture, work with natural fibres. Choose linen, timber, stone, hides and leather over synthetic materials to add liveability and instant comfort to your home.

Bring this exciting new aesthetic top life in your private spaces. Invest in quality rugs and carpets to lend texture and dynamism to your interiors. Armadillo & Co. offers a wide assortment of plain and patterned designs for a range of interior spaces. All rugs are hand-made from natural and sustainable fibres, suggesting that they have little to no impact on the planet.