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A Retrospective: Caroma and The Evolution of the Bathroom Space

A Retrospective: Caroma and The Evolution of the Bathroom Space

A Retrospective: Caroma and The Evolution of the Bathroom Space

Amongst the evolution of changing lifestyles and approaches to design, Caroma is at the forefront of reimagining the modern-day bathroom into an artful residential retreat.

Waves of serenity and an aura of rejuvenation are at the heart of the contemporary bathroom. Pushing past notes of functionalism and mundane practicalities, individuals seek a space of repose and solitude. At the end of a long day, the only space for uninterrupted exclusivity within the home is, ultimately, the bathroom. While there may have been a time where we looked to the bathroom as a simple wet space, changing lifestyles, habits and approaches to design have seen it transform to an extension of living spaces, a haven of luxury, solitude and refined self-expression.

A creator of refined products for inspiring bathrooms, Caroma has been a boundary-pushing thought leader in bathroom design since its inception. While hygiene, self-care and privacy still remain as the fundamental elements for a well-designed bathroom, Caroma is consistently changing the game: redefining the face of bathroom luxury and functionality in every shape and form. Grounded in their nature since 1941, Caroma delivers products that challenge and elevate our understanding of bathroom environments. Within the ever-changing industry of architecture and design, Caroma are pioneers in the artful retreat of cleansing and revitalisation.

The changing nature of bathrooms has depended on its art of functionalism in the contemporary space. Up until the early years of the 21st century, the bathroom space seemed to simply be an after-thought of the holistic residential experience. To follow a series of interconnected and adjoining rooms was a minimalist space of a practical water closet. There was a heavy focus on the essential placement of a toilet, sink and shower to essentially serve a sole purpose for the individual, but not to necessarily enhance the way we experience it.

As the attitude towards residential living developed and changed, Caroma was there at the start of it all. From inventing the world’s very first plastic toilet cistern in 1956, to developing the first Dual Flush toilet that forever changed water usage – Caroma has seen the bathroom experience evolve in support of dynamic and versatile lifestyles. The trailblazing brand looks at bathroom spaces as a calming sojourn – uncluttered, undisturbed and exquisitely designed. As changes in the advancements of residential lifestyles asked for more versatile spaces within the home, Caroma saw an opportunity to revitalise the bathroom’s persona and nature, producing designs that facilitated lives that were becoming more demanding, multifaceted and flexible.

By exploring concepts of biophilia, health and wellness, Caroma integrated these foundations into the development of future-forward technology and a distinct design narrative within new-age bathroom spaces. The influence of residential design – through its individual textures, tones and spatiality – has informed the understanding of what it means to live well. The introduction of innovative and bold materiality has seen it elevate the home into a residential sanctuary.

Caroma continued to craft developments that supported this story, adapting to the changing times of exceptional materials and technological features. From Caroma’s Invisi Series II winning the Australian International Design Award in 2009 to taking home the Good Design Award in 2016 with the Caroma Cleanflush and all through to the launch of the Caroma Smart Command in 2018 as a response for sustainable water management, have been ground breaking points for water systems and individual experiences. Bespoke, inventive and revolutionary – Caroma wanted to be part of something more, something bigger.

The most recent collection of Caroma establishes the brand’s position as part of the most illustrious minds in the industry. Influenced by the extensive variety of Australia’s natural materials, the Caroma Elvire collection by designer, Luke Di Michiel is a celebration of the innate beauty of local and honest craftsmanship. Decadent and beautifully resolved, this range explores Caroma’s relationship to nature and how it elevates the lifestyles within the home.

Elvire demonstrates the finest of progressive Australian design. Created from sustainable Tasmanian timbers with sophisticated gunmetal finishes, it is tailored to any environment, any individual and any lifestyle. It honours the innate tactility and heritage of the Australian land from where it comes from – paying homage to the unique charm of living amongst one of the most exquisite natural landscapes. Designed to essentially bring the outside in, Elvire reflects the connection to the present state of residential living with an awareness of the spaces for the future.

Luxurious and sustainable products are showcased within the collection. Locally sourced and manufactured timbers of premium Tasmanian Oak or Tasmanian Blackwood, with embellishments of a captivating gun metal material define the collection. A durable, meticulously crafted free standing bath, a striking tap ware range, expansive vanity systems, and the renowned toilet suites have all been reimagined to headline the start of a new conversation in bathroom design. A new overhead rain shower takes centre stage of the Caroma Elvire collection, with an enamelled steel shroud and gun metal rail marks its place as a design feature of its own. Refined and considered, Caroma presents a completely integrated design solution that supports the modern-day individual and the quintessential Australian lifestyle.

The Elvire collection showcases a beautiful selection of human-centric design with a harmonious balance of functionality and artistry. It highlights the finest moments of the design industry, mixed with a new benchmark of bathroom luxury crafted with sustainability and contemporary brilliance in mind. Since 1941, Caroma have been at the forefront of the bathroom experience, producing design, products and technology that have led the way for groundbreaking evolutions in bathroom spaces.


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