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The First Word From Habitus #40 – The Kitchen & Bathroom Ed...

The First Word From Habitus #40 – The Kitchen & Bathroom Edition

What more immediately make a house a home – the kitchen or bathroom? Explore the relaxation centres of the home in this special issue of Habitus Magazine.

What is the most important room of the house – the kitchen or bathroom? It’s a question over which I mused in preparation for this special issue of Habitus Kitchen & Bathroom. It’s a question that I took to our contributors, too.

But the correct answer is that there is no correct answer; both are equally important. Together they nourish us in their respective – and complementary – ways. That’s why we’ve
chosen to call the Habitus Kitchen & Bathroom Special the Nourish issue.

Within the kitchen we store, prepare and cook the food that will nourish our bodies. But the kitchen has evolved past a space simply built to function. A modern kitchen is also a space in which we eat, relax, gather and entertain. The architect, interior and industrial designer each play their part in facilitating these societal and behavioural shifts.

Similarly, the bathroom has morphed into a space, bigger than ever before, that provides relaxation, restoration and a daily dose of extravagance. We’re able to indulge in self-care rituals and enjoy the rarity of time spent alone: a luxurious bathroom provides a much-needed antidote to the fast-pace of modern life.

I hope this has encouraged you to seek out this special issue of Habitus, and I trust you feel fully nourished at the end of it.

Holly Cunneen

Elwood Bathroom by Splinter Society. Photography by Jack Lovel

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