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Richards Stanisich On Reinvention, Reinvigoration, And Client Relation...

Richards Stanisich On Reinvention, Reinvigoration, And Client Relationships

Jonathan Richards Kirsten Stanisich, Richards Stanisich

Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich have be long-standing and frequently celebrated names associated with the SJB Sydney office. Recently, the duo made the decision to partner together under the new guise, Richards Stanisich

Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich are familiar names in interior design circles as leaders at SJB Interiors Sydney. But change is afoot, and the two have stepped out on their own to establish their new practice Richards Stanisich. Their 15 person team will forge ahead under the new name, along with a new brand identity by Deuce Design.

The practice will remain in the Surry Hills location on Crown Street, where Kirsten shares that, “not a lot will change in the day-to-day experience.”

We asked Kirsten and Jonathan some pressing questions about the process, what to expect next and how things will change.


Will you continue to work with SJB?

We both worked at SJB for at least 16 years each and naturally developed many longstanding friendships with the teams across Sydney and Melbourne. Those friendships remain and we have current projects that we will continue to collaborate on. Of course, there are talented interior designers within the SJB team that will continue to drive the interiors sector of their business.

How will the move change how you work with clients going forward?

Ultimately the business revolves around the relationships we have with our clients. Having an independent brand reinvigorates those relationships – we have had immediate support from our clients, who generally seem as excited as us.

On a day-to-day basis, not a lot changes – our team and the way we work remains the same. But the rebrand has brought with it a closer connection to our clients. Being an independent smaller practice, we really value each client and the contribution they make to our business.

The new branding was no doubt an important way to present your new studio – what was Deuce Studio’s concept and how was it developed?

We have worked with Deuce ever since we started working in Sydney, some 20 years ago. Bruce and Sophie are good friends and they just get us. Their concept was to develop a brand that reflected who we are as designers, but also who we are as people.

The brand – our logo, website, social media, copy – has been designed to illustrate that we are first and foremost a highly experienced interior design studio. It’s not too architectural and not too decorative – it just suits who we are and what our studio does.

Why the change now?

There’s a phrase ‘if you’re at the top of your game, change your game’. Sometimes complacency can set in and you take your situation for granted. We felt, having enjoyed our time with SJB for many years, we could settle in for many more or we could reconsider the future. In the end, it just felt right to make a change.

Richards Stanisich

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