The First Word From Habitus #48

When we sent the annual Kitchen & Bathroom special edition off to print, the world was a very different place to what it was when we began putting it together. And while humanity has always moved at a rapid pace, it certainly felt like those six months had seen this accelerate even further.

So perhaps it is now more than ever that we retreat to the sanctuaries that are our homes. We look to architects and architecture to provide spaces that protect us from the elements, keep us safe, and promote our wellbeing. We look to designers of technology, furniture and appliances to keep us connected, comfortable and healthy.

At Habitus, we often liken the kitchen and bathroom to places of nourishment on both a physical and emotional level. They serve our most primal needs, but it has been in more recent times that, as a society, we’ve cottoned on to just how enjoyable these spaces can be.

Tama House Kitchen by Carla Middleton Architecture

Sembawang Crescent by Three D Conceptwerke

In Sydney, architect Carla Middleton has designed a kitchen with a dedicated coffee nook that caters to her husband’s No.1 hobby. In Singapore, Three D Conceptwerke reorganised a modest HDB apartment to conceal the utilitarian elements of the kitchen whilst flowing the prepping and dining bench out the living area opposite.

In Melbourne, Davidov Architects make a return to the family bathroom at the behest of its clients who, with young children, cherish bath time as an occasion for siblings and parents to bond. And as the reality of Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly prominent, we look at how some of the major household brands incorporating the technology into its main product lines, not just for convenience, but also to afford greater capacity to use and enjoy the kitchen and bathroom regardless of what one’s abilities may be.

RSB Residence Bathroom by Davidov Architects

Illustration by Julien Posture

As always, we have put this issue of Habitus together to show you, our loyal republic of Design Hunters, the architecture, ideas, products, and ways of thinking taking hold across our neck of the woods. We invite you to continue the conversation with us at


Holly Cunneen