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  • The Azimut showerheads enriched with new colors. For a total look in the name of maximum customization.

    antoniolupi has been bringing color to the bathroom for some time, with its sinks and bathtubs in Flumood and Cristalmood. Today it further embraces this trend, also lacquering
    the Indigo taps, the Azimut showerheads and the Halo bathroom accessories with color. For a total look where customization is the name of the game. Azimut is a wall or ceiling mounted showerhead which combines technology and rigor. The device is complex in its minimalism. The size of the body is unusually small yet despite this the power delivered by the water is absolute. The water comes out with energy and vigor from a cylinder that refers in shape and size to the image of other objects that populate domestic spaces. The jet and its direction can be adjusted thanks to a metal ring. In addition to the matt black body, there is the possibility to customize the cylinder in satin stainless steel, polished chrome, graphite, polished and satin brass or painted in the antoniolupi chromatic range. Pastel colors give identity to the object called to dialogue with the textures and shades of the wall on which it is installed.

    In addition to the matt black body, the cylinder can be customised in satin stainless steel, polished chrome, graphite, polished and satin brass or lacquered in the antoniolupi colour range. A perfect cylinder, compact, essential, precise, an image that is the perfect synthesis of technology and design: Azimut is the ceiling and wall showerhead in stainless steel and matt black body with a special rotation which is the heart of the project. A technical detail that becomes aesthetic, a peculiarity that makes the difference, a concept that puts an evolved functionality first. The hinge allows the showerhead to rotate and then direct the jet more than 180°. A feature that multiplies the possibilities of use, providing greater flexibility in the installation.

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antoniolupi is a Tuscan company that since more than seventy years has distinguished itself on the Italian and International markets for their bathroom furnishings projects. A reality that continues to develop due to investments in technology and creativity as well as collaboration with international architects and the capability of design and innovation. Although antoniolupi began by producing exclusively bathroom accessories and mirrors, its product line now embraces the entire living space, thanks to the collaboration with established designers. High quality product, customer care and a vast assortment of collections offered are the key elements that together with a deep passion for work guide the Lupi family in their choices. The company has chosen tailor-made production over mass production in order to meet all sorts of requirements and to offer unlimited options for customisation.