Carbon fibre kitchens from Studio Becker

Studio Becker’s product development team continually searches for advanced materials, and they were the first to introduce carbon fibre to the furniture industry.

Designed by:
Fiona Lochtenberg, Studio Becker, Australia

Made by:
Studio Becker, in Germany, with additional customizing/finishing in Italy

I am:
For the kitchen

About Me:
Carbon fibre is originally known for revolutionizing Formula 1 racing cars, and also popular in aerospace and civil engineering, carbon fibre is a lightweight, strong, heat resistant and easily moulded material.

It lends itself beautifully to the endless possibilities and custom craftsmanship of Studio Becker’s bespoke collections. Shown here in a charcoal grey finish.


Shown here in charcoal grey finish, but also available in silver and blue.


Carbon Fibre

Made to Measure


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