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Flexinduction Cooktop

The new Neff FlexInduction cooktop is the perfect cooking partner, making life in the kitchen a daily pleasure.

Designed by: NEFF

Made by: NEFF

I am: Induction Cooktop


About Me:

The new Neff FlexInduction cooktop revolutionises home cooking allowing even the most inexperienced home cook to cook like a professional chef.  Underpinned by Neff’s philosophy that a kitchen is much more than just a kitchen and kitchen appliances are more than just appliances, FlexInduction’s unrivalled speed, precision, convenience and safety helps every home cook achieve perfection.


Offering the home cook a new level of choice and flexibility with induction cooking, the new flexible cooking zone can accommodate a large roasting pan or large pot of pasta to several smaller pots and pans at one time. Everything can be shifted around as needed. The FlexInduction-Zone automatically detects pan sizes and positions and heats them exactly where they’re located. While technologically advanced oval inductors ensure optimal heat distribution allowing for an evenly heated cooking surface.  As a result, the home cook has total flexibility in choosing what, where and how they cook.

Flexinduction Cooktop


Similarly to a gas hob – that as soon as it’s switched on its ready to cook – FlexInduction’s immediacy saves time and allows the precise control of temperature and cooking duration. This unrivalled level of speed and precision means that the simplest of tasks such as boiling water is reduced by 25% and as much as 55% when the PowerBooster function is used – perfect for people with busy lifestyles.


The new FlexInduction cooktop also boasts TwistPad, the unique one-knob control from Neff.  TwistPad allows for quick easy operation in the form of a single removable magnetic switch.  The moveable design feature acts not only as a safety device allowing the home cook to move the controls away from a child’s inquisitive fingers but also allows for easy cleaning.


As would be expected the reasons to choose Neff’s FlexInduction cooktop are not only limited to its clever innovations. FlexInduction is also extremely safe.  Heat is generated in the pan by magnetic eddy currents leaving the cooktop cool having only absorbed a little radiant heat. If the cooktop doesn’t detect a pot or pan, it remains cool – even if switched on. Not only does this mean greater safety and energy savings, it also prevents spillages and overflows from burning onto the surface so cleaning has also never been easier.  A child lock also allows all settings to be reliably locked, eliminating the possibility of accidental operation. 


Black ceramic glass with stainless steel trim and controls


T44T43N0 FlexInduction cooktop 60cm wide
T44T97N0 FlexInduction cooktop 90cm wide




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