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Capture infinity

Capture infinity

Bemade is the physical translation of Antoniolupi’s style, and over two years has evolved into a collection of endless customisability. The newest product, coming from the heart of it all, is Bemade wardrobes ­– ready for anywhere.

Within the interior, coherent and refined furniture tells a narrative of the home and its owner; sometimes, these stories come from the most unsuspecting elements.

As a physical representation of antoniolupi’s style, the Bemade collection is a story ready to be told in any home. A story of infinite capabilities and a mirror of who the owner truly is. The collection serves as a series of wardrobes that are infinite in their customisation.

Antoniolupi - Bemade Wardrobe Collection

Created in 2020, Bemade has evolved and expanded, its range growing to fill every corner of every room. Refined, contemporary and elegant are its style, fitting into these spaces with a rigorous yet sophisticated accent.

The next creation and the culmination of Bemade’s projects is its new line of wardrobe units – wardrobes that walk a fine line between charm and function. The size and proportions are updated with the pieces and are a perfect storage solution in the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom.

Antoniolupi - Bemade Wardrobe Collection

Here, the line blurs. With the integration of LED lighting on each shelf, light is cast into a space creating something of an art feature. It’s a rare sight that the display of storage units can be more alluring than what lies inside. Bemade is elevated by the inclusion of various glass screens from transparent to bronze and fume, to acid-etched, fluted and reflective.

The Bemade wardrobe units are available in various wood essences and antoniolupi lacquer colours. Rich and sophisticated, the SKIN cenere finish exudes depth, making the volumes appear tactile and fascinating. The way the unit ‘floats’ gives it an ethereal presence.

The cohesiveness that filters through the Bemade collection comes from its range of finishes and colours, then through the widths, heights and depths for any form, for any design. There are also two versions, the single door or the double door, so you can choose to have a chest ready to safeguard your possessions or display them in a magical glow.

antonionlupi made it a mission to find the theme of ‘you’ with the craftsmanship and design of Bemade. The outcome is a piece that captures infinite design, heart and artistry.

Antoniolupi - Bemade Wardrobe Collection
Antoniolupi - Bemade Wardrobe Collection


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