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The Ofuro bathtub is a luxurious escape inspired by ancient Japanese t...

The Ofuro bathtub is a luxurious escape inspired by ancient Japanese traditions

The Ofuro bathtub is a luxurious escape inspired by ancient Japanese traditions

The new Ofuro bathtub, designed by Carlo Colombo, celebrates the ancient ritual of the Japanese bath with contemporary forms, materials and aesthetics.

Throughout the years, as bathrooms have gotten smaller and more practical, the utilitarian space-saving shower has threatened to push the bathtub into obsolescence. Recently, as lifestyle trends have prioritised health and wellness, bathrooms have been reimagined as spaces for relaxation, comfort and rejuvenation.  Bathtubs, with their restorative and meditative qualities, are making a comeback.

Renowned for its home and bathroom furnishing projects, Italian company antoniolupi is at the forefront of this movement with bathtub designs that elevate material integrity and aesthetics. Inspired by the ancient ritual of the Japanese bath, the new Ofuro bathtub, designed by Carlo Colombo, stands out for its unique sculptural shape and symbolic significance.

The ancient ritual of Japanese bath originally took place in large and welcoming wooden tubs. For many in Japan, it is more than a bath but rather a meditative ceremony; a time set aside to renew, revive and cleanse the soul. After cleaning themselves by using bathwater scooped with a hinoki wood bucket, bathers would traditionally ‘soak’, immersing themselves in the hot water for pure enjoyment and to reconnect with themselves after a busy day.

Drawing on this distant practice, which is still repeated today throughout Japan, antoniolupi with Carlo Colombo created the Ofuro bathtub. Its large and generous geometry provides a space for peace and relaxation, while the lowered edge at the front invites the user to immerse themselves completely within the body of water. Its unique sculpted form seems to have been carved from a single block, either by skilled craftsman or eroded over time by the natural forces of water. Straight lines and sharp edges harmonise with the bathtub’s curved surfaces, making it ideal for corner placement.

In addition, Ofuro’s edges are variable in thickness, with some wider in parts to support objects and body care products, while thinner in others to lighten the bathtub’s imposing volume. It is also possible to equip the bathtub with LED lights integrated at its base to add a feeling of elegance, lightness and suspension.

Much of Ofuro’s sleek, refined look can be attributed to its material composition. Available in a smooth white Satin finish, Ofuro is made of Flumood, a state-of-the art composite material made of  aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resin. Developed by antoniolupi, Flumood is the ideal material for the bathroom as it is longlasting, durable, easy to clean and easy to restore, ensuring impeccable product performance and aesthetics over its lifetime. Eco-friendly, compact, non-porous and non-toxic, this innovative material is both healthy and sustainable.

As bathrooms continue to shift away from their strictly utilitarian definitions, it is critical for us to develop new ways to promote health and wellbeing beyond the purely material and functional spheres. With antoniolupi’s Ofuro, we see how it is possible to transform a simple daily habit into something deeper and more meaningful.

For more information on the new Ofuro bathtub, contact info@antoniolupidesign.com.au