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BLANCO Brings A Sense Of Ease To The Kitchen

BLANCO Brings A Sense Of Ease To The Kitchen

When it comes to great design, German-based brand, BLANCO delivers a seamless sink and tap combination that makes everyday kitchen life a whole lot easier.

Heinrich Blanc founded BLANCO in Oberderdingen/Baden-Württemerg in 1925. Since its inception, the family-owned business has specialised in user-oriented water system solutions that continue to elevate our daily routines with exceptional design. To this day, the sink and mixer tap brand has remained true to the business of water in the heart of the home.

Previously named Blanc & Co., Heinrich’s journey began with a production of tin-plated copper water troughs for coal-fired ovens in two make-shift wooden huts. Shortly after this ingenious invention, Germany’s political and social landscape grew turbulent, inspiring Heinrich to form his entrepreneurial career amidst the period of change. As he continued to design, create and build his craft, he discovered his niche in the market, allowing him to start showcasing his innovative product offering.

His unique solution of water troughs for coal-fired ovens gained recognition by established brands, including the Gaggenau factories, Küppersbuch in Gelsenkirchen and Malag in Bretten. As the brand continued to grow, Blanc & Co. eventually evolved into BLANCO: a new, refreshed soul with the same German-born quality workmanship.

Today, BLANCO continues to make a difference with their signature selections of refined tap and sink systems. For the German-born brand, first impressions always last – and the BLANCO UNIT captivates you from the moment you come into contact with it. As a brand that is driven by people and passion, the full BLANCO UNIT is the perfect combination of function, style and convenience.

The BLANCO UNIT features a water hub that recognises the integral role of water in everyday living. While the kitchen is seen as the heart of the home; the social space to gather and connect; it also requires a meticulously designed workstation with the correct equipment. Designed with a complete set of components to deliver a superior kitchen routine, it provides a high-grade sink and tap combination that makes cleaning as easy as possible.

“Water plays a critical role and not one day goes by without us having to use it,” BLANCO expresses. “With the importance of water in the kitchen environment, this makes the sink and tap the heart of the kitchen. You need one brand that can provide a solution for preparing good, drinking and cleaning water for your kitchen.”

With a combined system of a mixer tap and sink, BLANCO offers a seamless solution for the cooking routine. Between preparing food, drinking water and cleaning up, the BLANCO UNIT simplifies the workflow with a time-efficient design. Its distinctive quality lies in its state-of-the-art engineering and a premium, robust finish to complete it.

The BLANCO difference also lies in its consideration to contrasting materials and thinking outside the box of the classic stainless steel look. Their signature Silgranit material used widely throughout their product range offers colours across anthracite, white, rock grey, black and concrete, which opens new elegant and refreshing finishes for any interior style. Under the surface, the Silgranit material composition is defined by a mixture of quartz sand, acrylic matrix, silicone, fluoropolymers, minerals and colour pigments, giving BLANCO sinks a touch of sophistication, combined with the robust characteristics of granite. Tactile and beautifully refined, BLANCO is much more than what meets the eye.

“Our consumers recognise the importance of a careful and curated appliance selection for their lifestyle,” BLANCO adds. “These are not an afterthought or a means to fill a space in a wall or benchtop, instead, it is becoming common that consumers place their selection at the heart of the kitchen design process to ensure there is harmony between the way appliances are used in the modern context.”

For over 90 years, BLANCO has accumulated a range of ingenious and innovative products under its name. With a long history in a family-owned business, the brand is constantly looking at the role that water plays in family life; its impact on the kitchen experience; and how great design can contribute to that. Through timeless form and high-quality design function, every kitchen sink and tap provides the perfect space for artful, comfortable living.

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