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Bosch sets a new benchmark for kitchen design with the launch of sleek...

Bosch sets a new benchmark for kitchen design with the launch of sleek, intuitive, AI-enhanced cooking appliances

Bosch sets a new benchmark for kitchen design with the launch of sleek, intuitive, AI-enhanced cooking appliances

Bosch is embarking on its most significant cooking appliance launch in nearly a decade with a brand-new premium range that will spark a culinary revolution at home.

Recently, we have seen a significant trend towards cooking appliances that are smart, sustainable and intuitive, but with the sleek, darker aesthetic that is currently popular within interior design circles.

The new, award-winning Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line collection fits seamlessly into contemporary design trends, providing sophisticated silhouettes and innovative features that are perfect for those planning a high-quality, modern kitchen build.

Excellence in kitchen design

With the Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line ovens at the forefront (full-size 60cm and compact 45cm options available), the new Bosch range is complemented by coffee machines, warming and vacuum drawers, as well as induction cooktops and dishwashers—with on-trend finishes to deliver designer appeal and seamless cohesion to the kitchen. The timeless stainless steel detailing of the Series | 8 sets it apart, while the accent|line collection offers a chic carbon black finish that is ideal for minimalist, monochromatic interior design styles.

The entire new oven range is made in Germany, embodying the Bosch promise of outstanding workmanship and uncompromising quality. For generations, Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life easier, representing the latest in German engineering. Tangible quality and engineering precision support the functions of each appliance and serve to improve quality of life for the user.

A testament to their unwavering commitment to technical perfection, usability and innovation, Bosch has won over 200 design awards over the past five years. The Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line range has been recognised with a number of international design awards, including the iF Gold Design Award 2023, the Red Dot Award 2023 and the UX Design Award.

The future of effortless cooking

This brand-new premium cooking range promises to redefine the way we approach cooking at home. In response to the growing preference for healthier cooking, all models in the new oven range feature an integrated Air Fry function. In addition, the inclusion of Steam Function Plus ensures that vegetables retain their nutritional value while achieving faster cooking times (compared to 100°C steam in a BSH laboratory test) by steaming at temperatures up to 120°C.

The integration of an intuitive TFT Touch Display and the Digital Control Ring delivers both visual appeal and intuitive usability. An iconic design element of Bosch Series | 8 ovens, the control ring has evolved into a digital ring that is engraved in the glass on the control panel. High-resolution TFT touch displays (including a stunning 6.8 inch full-surface TFT Touch Display Pro screen in selected accent|line ovens) give users clear, vivid images while guiding them through each step of operating the appliance.

Smart home appliances are becoming ubiquitous in modern Australian homes, and Bosch takes this trend into the kitchen. Users can now control their ovens remotely thanks to Home Connect, offering much sought-after connectivity as we head toward a technology-focused future.

The newest Bosch ovens also now incorporate Artificial Intelligence, which learns from aggregated, anonymised data to guarantee precise cooking times and results. Simply choose the dish you want to prepare in the control panel’s built-in menu (or ask the oven assistant in the Home Connect app), and the oven will decide the ideal heating mode, temperature and cooking time. The Individual Browning feature enables users to customise their cooking experience to their specific preferences, while the Assist Function removes the element of guesswork from the cooking process. In the top of the range accent|line model, Individual Browning works alongside the integrated Oven Camera to detect when compatible dishes are browned to your liking.

Bosch continues to design with the environmentally responsible consumer in mind. As of 2020, Bosch products are manufactured to leave no carbon footprint as part of scope 1 and 2. The aim is to achieve 100 percent green energy at all BSH sites by 2030 and, in addition, to further reduce product energy consumption, contributing to lower energy bills and less CO2 emissions at home.

To learn more about this exciting, new premium range, visit bosch-home.com.au.

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