The Secret Ingredient For A Modern, Minimalist Aesthetic

From Cosentino, Dekton Slim is a revolutionary new range of surfaces with an ultra-fine profile, ideal for achieving a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Contrary to its name, minimalism has many manifestations in interior design. From the crisp cleanliness of white on white, to the more industrial aesthetic of cavernous concrete spaces. No matter your aesthetic inclinations – be they toward opulence or wabi sabi – mastering the art of modern, minimalist aesthetic lies in material choices; furnishings and finishes alike.

Arguably most important of these is a space’s architectural surfaces. They are to interior design what a blank canvas is to a work of art – not to mention, ever more enduring in nature. This is especially true of contemporary interior design, with the reign of plasterboard, paint, and wallpaper largely left to rest in the eighties.

As well as aesthetic preferences, environmental issues have seen contemporary interiors acquire a taste for solid surfaces and natural finishes – in turn inspiring innovations in surface material production in pursuit of achieving the holy grail of surface solutions: that which is as lightweight and malleable as it is hard-wearing and wear-resistant.

From its base in Spain, architectural surface manufacturer Cosentino has been at the forefront of this ever-evolving design and development process. Adopting a ‘think global, act local’ mindset, the family-owned company are continually hot on the pulse of macro-scale technological advances as well as local interior design and aesthetic trends.

Among the latest and greatest of Cosentino’s products to be introduced to Australasian shores is Dekton Slim: an inimitable range of ultra-fine profile surface solutions. Specs-wise, it could very well be the holy grail of surfaces, measuring 4-millimetres in thickness and weighing in at 10-kilograms per square metre, without sacrificing on durability.

Making its debut to market in nine classic colours, Dekton Slim can be imagined in any flavour of minimalist interior, no effort needed. Varying from indulgent to industrial in aesthetic, Dekton Slim surfaces are perfect for cladding, furniture, and joinery applications in either an indoor or outdoor space.


Dekton Slim Natural Collection

Dekton Natural Collection emulates the elegance and beauty of natural stone with a faithful reproduction of the veining formed by geological processes. Kelya offers a dark shade, presenting like black marble with soft veins. Opera is inspired by elegant Carrara marble, while Kovic is inspired by natural stone with veins in clear grey over a neutral background.


Dekton Slim Industrial Collection

Dekton Industrial Collection is ideal for modern, contemporary and industrial-style settings. Inspired by classic concrete flooring, Kreta has a calm appearance with a uniform and restrained design and a background that smoothly blends dark and light grey. Sirius from the Dekton Solid Collection provides a strong, simple surface with a solid black, leather-like finish.

With Cosentino looking to build out the Dekton Slim range of architectural surfaces and finishes to eventually include a variety of special edition colours, this doesn’t end here.


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