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Flumood: A State-Of-The-Art Material From antoniolupi

antoniolupi_ Flumood_Mastello | Habitus Living

As a combination of aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resin, Flumood developed by Antonio Lupi is the ideal material for the bathroom.

With a reputation of offering its customers all the means to create an elegant and refined look, antoniolupi’s latest addition of Flumood encourages new forms and new product interpretations.

Made from a mix of aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content, Flumood embodies the ideal characteristics to make washbasins and bathtubs for contemporary bathroom designs. The added advantages of being easy to clean and easier to restore also ensures longevity in material and product performance with an impeccable aesthetic expression throughout its lifetime.

Eco-friendly, compact, non-porous and non-toxic, Flumood is also pleasant to touch. Mastello, an ergonomic bathtub, Breccia, a round integrated washbasin, and Rim, a new ultra-thin sink are just a few products from antoniolupi that are now available using Flumood.

antoniolupi_ Flumood_Breccia | Habitus Living


Mastello in Italian translates to an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing. The new Mastello in Flumood, designed by Mario Ferrarini, emanates the ritual of bathing in an era where running water was a luxury.  Without any visual interruptions, the Matello bathtub has been designed with consideration to fit into smaller bathrooms. The ergonomic bathtub also has an integrated internal step as well as an external wooden step to allow for easier access.

Breccia, a made to measure round integrated washbasin, was designed by Mario Ferrarini to eliminate wasted space. The integrated Breccia in Flumood has an elegant form with a cut and groove that allows water to flow naturally. Functional and yet aesthetically pleasing, Breccia adds a light presence in the bathroom.

The new ultra-thin sink that is available in round or oval, Rim incorporates a distinct and soft feature resting gently on the vanity top. In Flumood, Rim transforms into a contemporary addition with a sleek rounded edge.

Flumood is available in a satin finish, perfectly smooth, or textured – marked by an embossed layer that mimics natural stone slabs. It is also available in white as well as other colours available from the antoniolupi range.

antoniolupi_ Flumood_Breccia | Habitus Living


antoniolupi_ Flumood_Mastello | Habitus Living



Antonio Lupi
For enquiries: 
1300 699 141


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