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It’s What’s Behind The Frame That Counts

Thanks to the powers of Cantilever Interiors, Kett Furniture, and Cosh Living combined, we introduce to you the Frame Living System.

“One of the greatest outcomes of collaboration would have to be revelation; when the thinking of one person or practice challenges, extends and influences another,” says Cantilever. The Melbourne-based interiors firm speaks from experience; collaboration is part of its daily practice, not just a matter to preach.

We’re not just talking about collaboration between co-workers – that kind of collaboration is simply a given – but that which extends above and beyond Cantilever’s team. The kind of collaboration that rallies every player in the process of design, manufacture and construction together, to deliver holistic design solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

One such cross-disciplinary collaboration is the recent partnership between Cantilever and Kett Furniture. Like Cantilever, Kett Furniture is a company born and raised by a local Melbournian, Justin Hutchinson. So, naturally, the two companies click on core values: timeless, enduring design; collaboration; craftsmanship; and homage the Australian way of life.

The first fruit of this harmonious collaboration is the Frame Living System – a flexible wall hung system designed to streamline the functional and aesthetic design of living spaces.

Bringing together a curated palette of porcelain, Elton Group finishes, and powder coated aluminum accents; the Frame Living System complements an array of interiors. Its sophisticated concealed hanging system adapts the product to most wall types, managing electrical needs and cables.

The visual independence of the Frame Living System on the wall creates a space of its own, like a room within a room. Customisable in width and function through the combination of set modules, the adaptability of the Frame Living System means it is suitable for most living spaces.

At the fulcrum of the concept behind the Frame Living System, is Kett Furniture’s guiding design principle: ‘inside looking out’, which emphasises the inspiration to be found within natural surrounds. “From place we understand the importance of colours, shapes and form that are akin to Kett’s own identity,” says Justin. The Kett Studio enjoys the quiet creativity of Abbotsford Convent as the backdrop to its practice.

“From our perspective, good design should bring joy to all those who interact with the product along its journey,” says Justin, echoing the collaborative sentiment so deeply embedded in Cantilever.

“Cantilever Interiors has an amazing track record for producing beautifully refined kitchens for the Australian market… [So] when it came time to finding a suitable manufacturing partner, we looked no further than Cantilever Interiors who share our same obsession with detail and are design focused. We are fortunate to have found great partners in Cantilever who are equally driven in making this vision a reality,” shares Justin.

The result is an impressively resolved product, fit for purpose and pleasure, available exclusively through Cosh Living.


Kett Furniture

Cosh Living

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