Habitus Loves… A Life Lived Outdoors

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Across the vastly varying climatic conditions of the Indo Pacific, one thing that unites us is the desire to be connected to the outdoors. Wherever your locality lies these pieces will help you feel at home in the outdoors.

The Jil Table by Justin Hutchinson from Tait

This best-selling collection is a much-loved Tait Classic. Light on its feet – yet incredibly strong, the Jil Table’s (and Jak Chair’s) wireframe structure gives both chair and table a nimble form and fine-lined profile.

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The Rockpool Collection from Dinosaur Designs

The recently launched Rockpool collection from Dinosaur Designs is a celebration of summer and colour, capturing the spirit of a quintessential Australian beach day. The palette and shapes are playful with bursts of swirl coral, storm blue, turquoise and cooling ice pink and peach taking on the forms of treasures found on the seashore.

Dinosaur Designs

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Outdoor Grill from Sub-Zero & Wolf

Addressing the challenges of cooking outdoor with precise heat control features, the Outdoor Grill from Sub-Zero & Wolf incorporates quality construction with exceptional performance. With an aesthetic that resembles its indoor counterparts, these Outdoor Grills warrant endless juicy possibilities.

Sub-Zero & Wolf


The Spinnaker 034 Dining Table from DOMO

The Spinnaker 034 Extendable Dining Table is inspired by modern design, which simultaneously highlights the solidity of the material and the lightness of the top. Able to seat up to twelve people comfortably, Spinnaker is a practical solution, ideal for “last minute” invitations.


Swisspearl Loop Chair by Willy Guhl from Robert Plumb

Dating from 1954, the Loop outdoor chair by Swiss industrial designer Will Guhl quickly became a design classic. Its ribbon-like appearance makes a dashing sculptural form beside a pool but works equally well in a courtyard or private garden nook.

Robert Plumb

The Stones Planters by Vondom from KE-ZU

A series of curvaceous pebble inspired planters that collectively or when used alone imbue any space (indoor or out) with a playful sense of movement.


Outdoor Shade fabrics from Sunbrella

An essential element of the outdoor room is shade and protection from rain. Providing needed shade is what Sunbrella fabrics do best – supplying protection from the elements, comfort in the heat of the summer and undeniable style for over half a century.


Campanone outdoor lighting from Espo Lighting

The outdoor versions of the Campanone lights feature metal parts protected against atmospheric agents with electrolytic galvanising treatment and finishing with a resistant polyester coating.

Espo Lighting

The Jibe Collection from Bludot

The Jibe collection of outdoor furniture comprises of sectional sofas in various sizes and configurations, a lounge chair and ottoman. The individual pieces feature a beefy anodized aluminium frame, nylon support straps, and antimicrobial foam upholstered in resilient Sunbrella fabric.