m.a.d. And Their Honest Way Of Designing

Established in 2010 by a team of likeminded, internationally experienced product designers and manufacturers, m.a.d. furniture emerges year on year with a suite of products that are inspiring, functional and affordable for the modern urban dweller. The company’s operations are based in Asia and include the ‘m.a.d. lab’ product development and testing facility, combined with a stand-alone product assembly plant and over 20 employees.

After years of fluidly working together and alongside each other for big retailers distributing around the world, Matt Cole and Daniel Given wanted to start designing and manufacturing products that they could take ownership over and find a passion for. But mainly, they wanted to create pieces that they would want to live with.

Chicago-based Mark Daniel of Slate Design soon joined the m.a.d. and the trio began releasing two or three, 20-piece collections a year. Mark, the creative mind who has a background in architecture, focuses on distilling design to a true elemental form. “Our designs are rooted in a classically modern design style. You look at the piece and immediately understand how it’s made. It’s the structure that’s the beauty of the piece,” he explains.

“What that does is create a line of furniture that can go in a lot of different interior settings because it is so classically simple,” he continues. The result? A timeless, bulletproof quality.

As workspaces continue to appear casual and even domesticated, there is less disparity between the two once greatly different commercial and domestic markets. And that is globally observed by the team at m.a.d. As a result of this, the later collections blur the line between being at once suitable for a residential environment and other landscapes, too – such as hospitality and educational interiors in projects like Domain Chandon in Yarra Valley and the University of Adelaide.

As timelessness is a key ingredient for the m.a.d. team, the design integrity of each piece is maintained through its materiality and production techniques. Currently shipping products to over 20 countries worldwide, the team have been experts in the manufacturing processes in China for over a decade, allowing them to construct products with a remarkable quality and a competitive price point.

Excited about the years to come and further into other industries, “it is difficult to stop doing something you really enjoy doing, and that’s what drives us,” says Dan.



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