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The Distinct Charm That Comes With a Marble Sink

A marble sink is the ultimate design statement for a modern bathroom. Stylish, beautiful and oozing with designer appeal, antoniolupi has a collection sure to impress.

The sink is an essential part of any bathroom, and a marble sink is a modern and inspiring alternative to the traditional ceramic sink.

Ceramic, once the go-to material for bathroom design, is now considered an outdated and passé material by the more forward thinking design community. The charm of a marble sink brings the timeless elegance, charm, and versatility of the material to contemporary bathroom design.

The team at antoniolupi has managed to combine the most modern technology with the most ancient of materials to create a range of stunning marble sinks, in both countertop and freestanding designs, finished in either white Carrara or black Marquinia marble.


The O24, designed by Gumdesign, is a freestanding marble sink composed of 24 separate edges or wedges of marble. The pieces of marble are cut in trapezoid shapes and glued together with contrasting colour resins. The contrast between the white Carrara sink and the black Marquinia pedestal is a charming juxtaposition that that would suit any contemporary bathroom.


Intreccio from Paolu Ulian is a light and unique marble sink, weighing only 55 kg and born from a block of marble measuring only 11 cm. Staggered in an upward facing manner, the eye-catchingly thin concentric layers of marble are made possible by unique processing technologies.


The imposing block of marble that makes up the Introverso sink, again from Paolo Ulian, loses its monolithic appearance and is transformed into something ethereal thanks to the detailing. Introverso’s slat detailing subtly plays with light, reminiscent of sculptural art.


Ossimoro, from Calvi Bram Brambilla, is equal parts art and design. A white marble sink where the marble itself appears soft and tactile. This unique sink has been designed with the utmost respect and sense of responsibility towards the material of marble.


Controverso is a sink made from white Carrara marble with a square shape furrowed by vertical millings made expertly by machine, and left to be interpreted by the hand of man and give life to different and sculptural shapes.


Ago185 is a marble sink in black Marquinia style, representing a perfect encapsulation of charm and minimalism. With a thin edged round basin that sits delicately upon a tapered cylindrical base, Ago185 would serve as an essential centre point to any bathroom it inhabits.

The entire range of marble sinks from antoniolupi all serve as a reminder of the beauty and timelessness of this iconic material – a reassurance of its relevance within contemporary design. No matter the bathroom style, there is a marble sink waiting to improve the space.


Reach out to antoniolupi via info@antoniolupidesign.com.au for more information on these exclusive designs.

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