A Luxurious Gas Fireplace From Stoke

With a bold new unconventional shape, MODE is Stoke Fireplace Studio’s latest collection that has been recently made available to Australian customers. Offering consumers a wide range of indoor, outdoor, gas, wood and electric fireplaces, Stoke Fireplace Studio is the ideal place to find a solution to escape the winter at home.

Combining high-performance and functionality with heat levels operating at 10.2 kilowatts, MODE has also been designed to achieve a sleek silhouette. Currently available in three different shapes – Peninsula, Corner and Tall – MODE fireplace balances beauty, functionality and warmth.

MODE Peninsula is a three-sided contemporary design, with glass that contrasts the surrounding fireplace encasement. This creates a visually light and floating fireplace effect. The reflecting black glass on the fourth side adds further depth and dimension, seemingly multipying the flames. As a result, this fireplace adds a level of luxuriousness to the interior of the residence even when the fire is not burning.

The two-sided Corner fireplace is suitable for builds that have limited space. Wrapping around the left or right wall, the Corner fireplace adds an element of surprise by not being off-set to the centre. It’s versatility still ensures that space is heated efficiently.

MODE Tall is available in both single and double-sided. This means that depending on where it is placed, the fireplace can be split to work efficiently across several spaces within the home. The exaggerated 840-millimeter height ensures that the Tall fireplace adds a sculptural element to the home.

Synonymous across all its products, MODE fireplaces uses the latest in gas fire technology;  a flexible fluing system that keeps the surround cool enough and elegant enough to fit beside any material.

Stoke Fireplace Studio

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