Out With The Nord, In With The Mood

Like the love child of brutalism and an industrial aesthetic, a dark and moody interior design aesthetic is usurping residential spaces.

In stark contrast to the lightness and openness of the perennially popular Scandinavian design aesthetic, brutalism meets an industrial aesthetic, giving rise to dark and moody interior design. Think cavernous concrete spaces and raw, rocky materiality.

A deep sense of intimacy and intrigue permeates spaces with a moody interior design aesthetic, and for that we can thank their materiality and furnishings. These are the architectural products and materials that make for a formidably moody interior design.

Kota Black Natural Split stone floor by Pacifico Stone

Pictured in Balmain Rock by Benn+Penna, photographed by Tom Ferguson

Pacifico Stone is one of the most renowned stone suppliers based in Sydney, Australia. Its main products are slabs, tiles and pavers made of Sandstone, Travertine, Basalt, Limestone, Marble and Granite.

Pacifico Stone


Haven Bath from apaiser

Pictured in Vodka Palace by Marcus Browne, photographed by Dion Robeson

Fluid in form and iconic by design, the Haven Bath is a signature piece of the apaiser collection. As the epitome of bathroom luxury, its free-flowing curves and organic nature offer evocative beauty and functionality. In its black rendition, the Haven Bath blesses a bathroom with an intimate and moody interior design aesthetic.



Mondrian Coffee Table from Poliform

Pictured in Kasai Road by ipli Architects, photographed by Studio Periphery

A collection of coffee tables which are light and elegant. Original structures in aluminum, available in two sizes, making it easy to combine them with more elements. These coffee tables supports thin table tops available in a wide range of embellished surfaces.



Rammed recycled concrete by Perth Stabilised Concrete

Pictured in Cloister House by MORQ

Stabilised earth walls can be made from a variety of materials including laterite (gravel), crushed limestone and in more recent times recycled materials including brick and concrete. Blends of these and other materials result in an unlimited palette of colour finishes and textures that are a delightful addition to the look and feel of any building.

Perth Stabilised Earth


Karaka wall paint from Resene

Pictured in Three Stories North by Splinter Society, featured in Habitus #47

Resene Karaka is a rainforest green, muddy, masculine and intense – the perfect paint to create a moody interior design aesthetic. Also available as a Resene CoolColour. A change in tone or product may be required for some colours to achieve a Resene CoolColour effect.



Polished Concrete Overlay by Covet International

Polished concrete flooring in Powell Street House by Robert Simeoni, photographed by Derek Swalwell

The only 10-milimetre (13-milimetre outdoors) real concrete overlay available. No epoxies or resins. Created with real portland cement, Covet International’s overlay showcases the natural tonal variation and strength of real concrete. Available in an endless combination of colours and aggregates, no two installations are ever the same.

Covet International


Togo collection sofa from Domo

Pictured in Vodka Palace by Marcus Browne, photographed by Dion Robeson

Michel Ducaroy’s Togo is a true classic. The Togo collection has been the ultimate in comfort and style for over forty years. It features ergonomic designs with multiple density foam constructions and quilted covers, making each piece both visually attractive and physically inviting.