Sculptural And Natural From Dinosaur Designs

Thida Sachathep

Having always been inspired by natural forms, Dinosaur Designs recent Riverstone range explores the beauty of rocks and pebbles.

Pushing the boundaries of resin, Dinosaur Designs releases its first collection of playful resin handbags as part of the recent Riverstone range.

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Imitating the natural curves and variations found on river pebbles, the statement handbags from Dinosaur Designs follows the same notion as all other Dinosaur Design pieces; no two pieces are the same. Whether rich burgundy, deep green or white, each handbag was designed to complement the rest of the Riverstone jewellery and homewares range.


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Exploring the natural beauty of rocks and formations, Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy focused on creating a rich dense palette laced with pale mineral swirls and touches of black and creamy earthy tones.

Both the Mineral Drop Earrings and Long Mineral Bracelet, the new additions, features a golden rock bead that sits amongst the string of Dinosaur Designs’ signature resin pebbles. The Rock Garden Earrings, with a mismatched stud, has been inspired by a wabi-sabi aesthetic. Classic designs such as the Round Rock Bangle takes on a new dimension with a glistening surface as golden pebbles are embedded into the resin.

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The Riverstone Collection of jewellery, homewares and handbags are available at Dinosaur Designs’ Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane stores and online.

Dinosaur Designs

Photography by Derek Henderson

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