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Whitelight: Texture and Tonality of Natural Stone

As we traverse this new normal, our innate connection to the outdoors and the nature’s serenity continues to inspire the way we navigate our everyday experience.

Influenced by the beauty of the landscapes that surround us, Caesarstone presents the new Whitelight Collection: a range of four light, neutral colours to bring a sense of calm into a residence.

“We’re longing for that connection to the outdoors and a sense of calm,” adds Caesarstone Brand Manager, Emma Bush. “The Whitelight Collection evokes the essence of wellness and serenity; it brings a beautiful, long-lasting piece of the earth into the heart of our homes.”

Arabetto™. Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone.

Creating a new dimension for indoor spaces, the Whitelight Collection is versatile by nature with expert engineering that puts design longevity at the forefront. Each colour is a refined presentation of timeless simplicity, the perfect base for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and beyond.

The new Arabetto™ colourway represents the timeless evolution of the classic arabescatto marble look. With subtle grey veins interwoven throughout with hints of jade and copper tones blanketing a white, polished surface, Arabetto™ is a marble that will never go out of style.

Capturing the natural beauty of marble, Aterra Blanca™ consists of a misty white base, elevated with soft strokes of earthy hues throughout the stone. Throughout the day, Aterra Blanca™ radiates a translucent glow to brighten up any space.

Calacatta Maximus™. Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone.

Driven by the texture and tones of sandstone and travertine, Adamina™ redefines the magnificence of a golden sand dune. Designed to settle calmly into the modern Australian kitchen, Adamina™ brings the essence of natural wonders to the heart of the home.

Influenced by the minerals in nature and the revival of Calacatta veining, Calacatta Maximus™ is sophisticated simplicity at its finest. Featuring a subtle natural finish, this unique colourway consists of a surface terrain that reveals a complex layer of soft greys and delicate copper veins that elevate the stone’s clean, white base.

Caesarstone’s new Whitelight Collection additionally includes a range of Caesarstone’s beloved classic designs. Vivid White™ offers a luxurious stillness and clarity only found in the stone of the Greek Island of Thassos in the Aegean Sea. This colourway is perfect for open-plan living and airy spaces, with a reflective surface that bounces light throughout the room.

Statuario Maxima™. Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone.

Inspired by marble and reminiscent of the great Renaissance statues, Statuario Maximus™ features a warm white base with sweeping veins and mineral grey contrasts. This colour is the perfect canvas for designs that emulate earthy, neutral tones and pops of natural brightness.

White Attica™ reflects the individuality and character of the natural world. A crisp white base with striking blue-black veins, the intricacies and subtle colours underlying the white stone come alive in this movement-filled tone. White Attica is the ideal statement piece in minimalist surroundings, and it provides a bold contrast when paired with darker finishes.

Empira White™ is a vivid white marble base with subtle green-black veins. A sophisticated combination of beauty and functionality, this colourway plays with tonal shadows while remaining a neutral complement to your desired interior styling.

Suitable for a range of interior applications and backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the Whitelight Collection is available in 20mm thick standard size slabs.


Empire White™. Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone.

White Attica™. Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone.

Vivid White™. Whitelight Collection by Caesarstone.

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