Superior Functionality For Any Environment

Emily Sutton

Dekton® Grip+ by Cosentino showcases exceptional craftsmanship and innovative anti-slip solutions that inspire the architecture and design industry.

A leader in the global surfacing market, Cosentino inspires the world of design through innovative and contemporary architectural solutions for any environment. The family-owned company dedicates itself to delivering technologically advanced surfaces that enhance the way we experience spaces. Through creative pathways and an extensive research process, Cosentino redefines aesthetic and functionality for the Australian architecture and design industry.

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Pioneers in reimagining the face of anti-slip treatments and solutions, Cosentino introduces the new Dekton® Grip+ for guaranteed slip-resistance on Dekton® floors. This revolutionary finish offers exceptional performance and durability, without compromising on the beautifully smooth finish on Dekton® interior and exterior flooring. Applicable to an extensive range of 16 Dekton® colours across the Industrial, Tech, Wild and Natural collections, this innovative product focuses on maximising the experience of the user’s safety in high-traffic and wet environments on a daily basis.

The state-of-the-art qualities of the new Dekton® surface product is a testament to Cosentino’s dedication to the development of the anti-slip innovation and solution. The superior finish is integrated into the material’s molecular structure before the particle sintering process, creating a lightly textured surface to achieve the product’s guaranteed anti-slip resistance. In a controlled and precise process, the visible face of the material is suitable for interior and exterior flooring in public and private projects, making it the first-class choice for any environment.

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Boasting high durability and versatility, Dekton® Grip+ makes any surface a pleasant underfoot experience with ease of maintenance. Its ability to perform beyond expectations showcases the sophisticated blend of the raw materials in the very latest glass, porcelain and high-quality quartz surfaces unique to the Dekton® brand. The ultra-compact surface is scratch, stain, and cold and heat resistant crafted for design longevity and superiority for pavements, ramps, terraces, and surface in and around pools, showers, spas and dressing rooms.

Elegant and refined, Dekton® Grip+ demonstrates Cosentino’s passion for an artful balance between aesthetics and functionality. The advanced surface solution looks beyond the boundaries to bring elegance into residential, commercial and hospitality environments through a fresh, new premium-quality product.

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Photography by Prue Ruscoe.