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5 Façades That Are Not Just A Pretty Face

Embodying an appreciation for mental wellbeing, Buddhist ideals and connection to nature, Shade House thrives thanks to its inimitably biophilic and responsive design.

From perforated metal screening to veils of bamboo, these five houses from Habitus House of the Year 2020 feature façades that are beautifully intricate with intellect to boot.

As a devout disciple of passive solar design, the screen façade is one of tropical modernism’s closest allies. From India through Southeast Asia, to New Zealand and Australia, the diverse and age-old vernacular architectures of the Indo-Pacific Region have long expressed a penchant for permeable façades, culminating in an architectural ancestry characterised by breeze blocks, timber battens and perforated panels in all manner of material variations. Inherently striking, but so much more than just a pretty face, these hallmarks of tropical architecture make for stunning house facades that are beautifully intricate and have intellect to boot.

Amongst the projects shortlisted for Habitus House of the Year 2020, there are five in particular that embody such stunning house facades. Through thoughtful use of brick/timber/perforated screen cladding, these five projects each feature outerwear that operates as architecture’s natural aircon – quite literally – working harmoniously with the elements to ventilate, refreshen and acclimatise environments to make for comfortable living, even in the most stuffy climes.


Binary Wood House, Thailand | TA-CHA Design

Binary Wood House in Thailand by TA-CHA Design, photography by Beersingoi.

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Bamboo Veil House, Singapore | Wallflower Architecture + Design

Bamboo Veil House in Singapore by Wallflower Architecture + Design, photography by Marc Tey

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Shade House, Thailand | Ayutt and Associates design

  Shade House in Thailand by Ayutt and Associates design, photography by Chalermwat Wongchompoo

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18 Screens House, India | Nina & Sanjay Puri Architects

18 Screens House in India by Nina & Sanjay Puri Architects, photography by Dinesh Mehta

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#3, New Zealand | Studio2 Architects

House #3 in New Zealand by Studio2 Architects, photography by Simon Devitt

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