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3 young artists exploring memory, light and colour

3 young artists exploring memory, light and colour

Ryan Hoffmann, photo by Giulia Gianni McGauran

Showing as part of Sydney Contemporary 2023, Sophie Gannon Gallery will present the work of three rising stars in the art world – each very different explorations in practice yet unified by universal themes.

For this year’s Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Sophie Gannon Gallery brings new works from a diverse collection of represented artists: Emily Ferretti; Ryan Hoffmann; and Mason Kimber; three young artists each working in a variety of mediums to produce a selected group of emblematic works that reference memory, physical and metaphysical space, light and colour.

Ryan Hoffmann

Hoffman’s work brings a focus to physical and metaphysical space, with colour and form coalescing as art objects of a particularly beautiful nature. Using his practice to investigate the relationship between our physical surroundings and the intangible aspects that shape our perception of space, his dimensional works draw the viewer’s eye. Working with a diverse range of materials and techniques, Hoffman’s works play with the idea of dimensions, perspective, and the unseen forces that influence our environment.

“The six works started very loosely during the preparation for my previous solo show, in a way that hasn’t ever happened before, small inconsequential splotches, things I cleaned a brush on and colour studies; fully open to the possibilities that allow new work to form. This forced me to return to the feeling of uncertainty and freshness I felt when making the first iterations of the AIR Paintings,” says Hoffman of the Air paintings Gannon will present, and which are the first of this type to be exhibited in Sydney since 2019.

RYAN HOFFMANN, A love song, 1207 22042023 -35.079232,147.885208, 2023

Emily Ferretti

Emily Ferretti, photo by Alicia Taylor

Known for her multi-disciplinary approach, Emily Ferretti’s works engage with memory and its representations. Her pieces explore how memories are stored, distorted, or recalled over time. Through her choice of mediums, which includes painting, drawing, or possibly even installations, she conveys the interplay of emotions and experiences associated with the past.

EMILY FERRETTI, Electric Tree, 2023

Mason Kimber

Mason Kimber, photo by Alex Cooke

This artist’s work plays with light and colour to examine the way light interacts with surfaces to evoke different emotions via different colour palettes. As such, Kimber is exploring the transformative power of light, both in terms of its literal impact on visual perception and its symbolic resonance in human experience.

MASON KIMBER, Tablet/Passage, 2023

In total, the selected group of emblematic works from these artists creates a narrative that touches on memory, physical and metaphysical space, as well as light and colour. With a crisp curatorial eye, the variety of mediums employed across the selected works delivers a rich and engaging visual experience for visitors to the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.

Moreover, in curating an exhibition, their booth continues to impress and is a testament to the gallery’s commitment to showcasing emerging talent and offering viewers thought-provoking and visually stimulating art.

Sophie Gannon Gallery

Photography – Courtesy the artists and Sophie Gannon Gallery

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RYAN HOFFMANN, Returning to the Ghosts, 2010 06032023 -38.435737,145.045843, 2023
EMILY FERRETTI, Puddles, 2023
MASON KIMBER, Tablet/Patch, 2023

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