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Showcasing The Ground-Breaking Colours Of Cristalmood

Showcasing The Ground-Breaking Colours Of Cristalmood

A new generation of coloured resin has arrived from Antoniolupi. Meet Cristalmood, named for its transparency and sheen, this is a new step in the world of resins, resistance and versatility.

Cristalmood is an all new option in the world of furniture and bathroom design. The result of a deep period of research and development, Antoniolupi has launched the option across a range of their product offerings – from sinks and vases all the way up to bathtubs

Thanks to a special composition, objects made from Cristalmood weigh some 30% less than those made with solid surfaces, such as Antoniolupi’s own inspiring Flumood material.

The design opportunities for Cristalmood’s colourful resin are bountiful and ready to add a splash of colour to any home or hospitality hot spot. This is a sample of what Cristalmood can do…


Albume is a freestanding washbasin designed by Carlo Colombo, expressed between a solid base and coloured based – juxtaposing the strength of the base and the lightness of the transparent washbasin, leaving water as the protagonist.

Cristalmood allows the design of the basin in two different shapes – a slender and sleek modernist profile or a softer and welcoming shape. The colour contrasts between the transparent upper solid marble of the base offer huge customisation options, allowing Albume to fit perfectly into refined bathrooms no matter the colour palette.


The Reflex bath is characterised by neat shapes and varied colours in a harmonious expression of minimalist design. Reflex is the first transparent bathtub by Antoniolupi to be made of Cristalmood, and the care the team put into the design is evident at every point.

Launched at Salone del Mobile in the Fumè finish, the tub is now available to the public in nine additional trendy colours, allowing it to fit in within the context of any bathroom aesthetic. The new colours (Nebbia, Ocra, Bottle, Petroleum, Ginger, Cobalt, Sangria, Amber and Lime) offer the chance to add flourishes of colour, elegance and liveliness to the tub’s generous plastic volumes – made in Cristalmood – resulting in a bathtub that is constant dialogue with light and water.


Vitreo is a geometric Cristalmood sink designed in a unique decagonal shape, with no two sinks ever being truly identical. The firmness of the geometric design creates a juxtaposing effect with the natural, fluid nature of the water within.

Available in 10 colours, Vitreo too has been launched to provide a sense of brightness to the bathroom space, created thanks to the infinite reflections generated by the dialogue between the architectural elements and finishes that compose it, and the water and light that will pass through it.


Named for the geometry and the infinite reflections of precious stones, Opale is a collection of 10 different coloured washbasins explicitly created thanks to the potential of the Cristalmood’s unique properties.

Available with a marble base to showcase unrepeatable variations in finish, or entirely in Cristalmood to fully express the multi-faceted image of a gemstone, Opale’s basin is always characterized by the timeless image of perfect geometry. Further, the basin is available in both the new decagonal, and traditional round shape – which means any aesthetic can receive the beauty of an opal.

Flower Vases

Calvi Brambilla has designed a series of three unique flower vases, all new and available thanks to the unique properties of the Cristalmood material. Three different forms, three interpretations of a theme, united through the shared design language of the resin – ideal for honouring nature indoors.

The three vases, Asa, Nisi and Masa, are united through variations on a cylindrical design. Asa presents these cylinder in differing heights and diameters, and is tapered at the top – serving as a platform or pedestal for the flowers within. Nisi integrates the cylinder with the shape of a cone without interruption to open and accommodate a larger bouquet of flowers. Finally, Masa sees a deep cut separating but at the same time uniting the two halves of the vase that vary in height, giving the vase a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Transparent with a glossy finish, Cristalmood resin composed of high quality polyester materials along with colouring pigments, and is resistant to corrosion, and safe to clean with common detergents while also resisting rubbing alcohol, acetone, oils, gasoline or diesel fuel – so you know these objects will serve as the talking pieces for years to come.