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ILVE’s art of kitchen fusion

ILVE’s art of kitchen fusion

Advanced range hood design meets innovative induction cooktop technology in one exciting appliance.

What will the kitchen of the future look like? The basic elements that make up our kitchens will likely remain the same, but enhanced with technological features that increase the convenience and joy of cooking. Seamless design will marry with maximum functionality, creating streamlined but beautiful appliances that befit our busy, fast-paced lives. 

Using decades of experience in crafting premium rangehoods with their state-of-the-art induction technology, ILVE fuses together an integrated downdraft hood and induction cooktop to create an all-new appliance that challenges tradition.

Seamless design, maximum functionality

The high-powered cooktop includes four electronic cooking zones, with touch control that gives users direct access to nine heating levels. Smart features such as automatic pan detection, a ‘keep warm’ option, pause and recall mode, boost mode to speed up the heating process, and an Ergonomic Zone bridging option that allows you to operate two cooking areas of equal size, push the cooktop alone into the upper echelon of its product category.

However, ILVE adds another inventive attribute to this innovative kitchen solution with a powerful built-in downdraft hood. With a simple tap of the push-in catch panel, the hood is exposed and, unlike a conventional rangehood, pulls steam and odour down and in.

Designed with a closing flap, the integrated downdraft hood operates with optimum efficiency while in use, and when closed, prevents anything from accidentally falling inside while keeping odours from escaping.  The flap’s outer surface is made from the same glass surface as the hob, achieving a seamless finish. All internal ducting components are made from stainless steel, exhibiting ILVE’s commitment to fine craftsmanship and quality materials.

Easy cleaning and safety

Minimising the hassle of cleaning, the grease filter and the steel drip pan, which are designed to catch grease and liquid, can be easily lifted out even with the flap in place. The glass flap is also completely removable to make it easier to clean inside.

The internal tray and drain valve catch all liquids, including condensation, to help the keep the kitchen clean, tidy and hygienic. The unit includes an electronic sensor that warns the user when the tray is full and stops motor operation until it has been emptied.

Adaptability and design freedom

The product’s creative motor design and variety of installation options ensure no kitchen space is compromised. It can be installed in any base unit measuring at least 90cm wide and 60cm deep. It is also telescopic in both height and depth and, for deeper base units, the motor can be rotated and located at the back.  The induction cooktop can be installed in a non-flush or flush position. Finally, the motor is located in the plinth, away from the user, meaning it is easier to service without having to remove the hob from the bench top.

By seamlessly fusing cooking with extraction, ILVE’s new induction cooktop with downdraft hood is the future of kitchen design. For more information, visit the ILVE website here.