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Managing Construction Sites with SiteSupervisor

Sitesupervisor | Habitus Living

How SiteSupervisor’s new platform is paving the way toward a more efficient and convenient future of design and construction.

SiteSupervisor isn’t just for managing the construction site: this cutting-edge platform has big benefits for interior designers and architects working on small and high-end residential projects, too. SiteSupervisor was created through 30 years of hands-on construction experience, recognising the industry’s untapped potential for greater connectivity and efficiency throughout the design and construction process.

Drawings, permits, licenses, key contact and emergency details are all uploaded and stored on the platform and ready to be accessed whenever and wherever you need them. Having all of your project’s important information stored in one secure place helps increase your efficiency by eliminating the need for sharing documents across multiple applications like Dropbox, Excel, Google Docs, email or text. This is especially helpful when you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously or without the help of an assistant.

Among its many features is the world’s first fully automated digital drawing register. That’s right – no more searching through email folders seeking the latest revision. Now there is one central place for your drawings, which is automatically updated with the latest revision and is accessible on any device. With a seamless approval and distribution process, everyone else involved in the project has the latest revisions handy at all times.

Upload a vector PDF and your drawings are rendered in ultra high definition. You can overlay drawings and increase or decrease the opacity so you can see every line in detail. Markups in the platform are another great feature and are especially helpful to explain an issue to others on the project with specificity and clarity.

Unlimited storage means your drawings will stay with you forever, so you can have your lifetime portfolio in your pocket to showcase to potential clients, colleagues, friends and family.

These are just a few of the many features that could be useful for your new project. And for a limited time, SiteSupervisor is offering 60 days free, which gives you unlimited access to all of the platform’s revolutionary features. Start working smarter today.


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