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Masterful Design Made For Moments Worth Savouring

Masterful Design Made For Moments Worth Savouring

Throughout the years, the kitchen has become much more than a place to cook.

Whether it is a morning coffee shared before a busy day, a relaxed weekend gathering of family and friends, or an intimate home-cooked dinner, it’s no surprise that the kitchen is known as the heart of the home. A space to converse, collaborate and create, kitchen design calls for more than just a functional layout. As our tastes become more discerning and the industry expands, kitchen pieces that are also beautiful, high-performing, and will be loved for a lifetime. 

For Sub-Zero, creating magical moments in the kitchen come from thoughtful and refined appliances. When founder, Westye Bakke set out to find an appropriate preservation system to store insulin medication for his son in the 1930s, he soon found that existing systems at the time were not the right fit. In 1943, Bakke built his first freestanding freezer, hand-crafted and refined unlike any other food preservation system available at the time. Then in 1945, Sub-Zero was born. 

Today, Sub-Zero is more than meets the eye. It delivers exceptional quality, high-performing design and a kitchen experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

“The kitchen is considered a design showpiece – a focal point within the modern home. Kitchen designers and homeowners alike are consistently looking for appliances that combine design, performance and durability,” expresses Managing Director of Sub-Zero, Andrew Mumford.

This edition of the Habitus Edit explores Sub-Zero’s innovative approach to kitchen appliances. Featuring an exemplary collection of food-preservation systems, Sub-Zero’s signature performance is seen throughout their Designer, Classic and Pro Series or refrigeration appliances. By combining the performance prowess and unmatched design style of these collections, Sub-Zero seeks to celebrate and support the modern kitchen for years to come. 

Product-led and editorially curated, the Habitus Edit offers a unique perspective on the exceptional designers and brands across the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. Dive in and discover the power of Sub-Zero on the latest edition of The Habitus Edit. 

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